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                   Pet Moniter

This video camera sets up on your home’s network quickly and easily to allow you to view your furry friend’s activities from no matter where you are. You can easily use the free app to access and control the camera remotely.

                                         how the technology works?

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Take snapshots or record video 
  • Two-way communication


 pros/benefits of the technology

 It helps businesses because workers with pets won't always have to worry about what there pets are doing and can focus mainly on their job.

   how is this tech used to help businesses 

 This remote Motorola Scout1 Wi-Fi Video PET Monitor camera allows you to monitor your pets from anywhere. Catch live action, record video and take snapshots while controlling the camera with Remote Pan, Tilt and Digital Zoom. Home or away, Motorola’s SCOUT1 gives the comfort of keeping an eye on your pet convenient and fun.

 how does the technology help humans 

 Petzi treat cam


D-Link Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing


Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Security Camera


 different competitive products



Privacy-non It watches your pet or anything happening wherever you place it.


social cost- 


       Dollar amount, privacy and social cost, phycological,etc


 I think it helps by you being able to watch anything that happens with your pet at home. Yes it will become obselete, and it will be a better pet moniter as years go by.

when will it be obselete? what will replace it? Thoughts