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The NLRB was formed to oversee the organizing and conduct of unions and also the conduct of businesses.



National Labor Relations Board

Protecting your rights since 1933


T'nyah Brown

  • Enacted by congress in June 1933
  • Still active today


  • The NLRB  is an organization that is in charge of overseeing the conduct and organizing of unions and the conduct of businesses. This was a reform.

  • The NLRB is an independent federal agency that administers the NLRA and other groups that govern relations between businesses and unions. The NLRB is there to secure the rights of the workers to organize unions and bargain with their employers. It acts on complaints made by unions or business owners and oversees labor issues.

  • The NLRB is still active today. An example of how they’re still working is when they were working with Harvard and the unionization of the students. The two organizations went back and forth about Harvard conducting a student unionization election. It was ruled that Harvard had not compiled with the voter requirement list. This is just one example of how the group is still functioning eighty-four years after its creation.

Unemployment Rate: Down


Government Spending: Down




Confidence Building: Up


Role of Government: Up


  • FDR Facts:

    • Born January 30th, 1882 in Hyde Park, NY

    • Died April 12, 1945 in Warm Springs, GA

    • The only president to be elected four times

    • Attended Groton school for boys (a prestigious school in Massachusetts)

    • Also attended Harvard for three years

    • During his college years, he got engaged to Eleanor Roosevelt, who was his fifth cousin

    • He studied law at Columbia University, but after three years found law boring

    • He had a hobby of collecting stamps

    • Holds the record for longest serving president

    • In 1921, he was diagnosed with polio