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Planning your kitchen  

Why planning is important

Your kitchen should be the room that says ‘home’ as soon as you walk through the door. And a decent quality kitchen can significantly impact on your life for the better. 

That’s why it’s important to plan your kitchen properly.

Rushed decisions, taking poor advice and inferior quality products can soon result in being a huge waste of money - and a big disappointment to live with.

Make yourself a cuppa and browse through this handy guide on planning your kitchen.

Where to start planning:

The most typical problem people face when planning a new kitchen is maximising space - how to fit all of the required elements for a functionable kitchen into a finite space.

And with so much choice driving expectations for what should be in a kitchen - the 'desire' list can soon grow and impact on being able to make wise decisions.

So, let’s take a step back and think of the TWO most important questions to ask yourself...

Important question ONE: 

‘What do I realistically need - and what can I do without?'

For example, there is no point in having multiple ovens if you don’t cook. Or a steam oven if you buy convenience food.

What needs to be practical? What needs to function well? What will make you happy each time you look at /use it?

Make two lists: 1:Essential and 2:Nice to have. This will kick-start the plan for a functional and aspirational new kitchen.

Important question TWO: 

'What is your budget?'

Rarely does anyone have an unlimited budget, so start by defining the absolute maximum amount you are willing to spend. 

Don't worry -  it doesn’t mean you have to spend this amount!

But it’s the only way a kitchen designer can advise and design the best possible kitchen and combination of products for you - that will be within your budget.

For a decent quality kitchen, German designs are often most sought after for their quality of engineering, style and longevity. Historically, they used to be the most expensive, but brands have become far more competitive in recent years.

Yours was the only designer who was sympathetic to our ideas rather than offering a stock design to fit the space. Steve, who is fitting the kitchen could not have been better. An absolute star and a pleasure to have in the house.

John & Marjie W

Yours was the only designer who was sympathetic to our ideas rather than offering a stock design to fit the space. Steve, who is fitting the kitchen could not have been better. An absolute star and a pleasure to have in the house.

John & Marjie W

Keep your budget in proportion

Make sure the budget is in proportion to the property the kitchen is intended for. 

For example, if it's  the home you plan to live in, you will want the new kitchen to last at least 10 years. So it’s an investment that you want to get right

If it's a property you are planning to sell soon - consider if you are spending enough to recoup for a good house sale

And if it's a property that you plan to rent out - are you over/ under spending in relation to the type of rental?

Keep it real!

Be realistic about what certain materials can cost. That stainless steel range may look the part - but it may also come with a hefty price tag. Sometimes, less is more. 

When clients visit our showroom, we are thorough in the questions we ask. This is because time can be wasted and dreams disappointed - if you don’t plan your budget first.

A good budget will result in the dream kitchen that will function as it should and be enjoyed for many years to come.

Grant really knew his stuff, we would have made silly mistakes without his guidance and knowledge. The kitchen is now the centre of our home, we live in it and we can enjoy the garden. It is the biggest and warmest room in the house. The kitchen is a real treat because it’s everything we wanted it to be.

William and Elizabeth

Think about how you currently work in your kitchen.

- What is enjoyable?
- What is easy to access and use?
- What frustrates you?
- What would make being and working in the kitchen so much better?

Categorise the functions you need into 1: Essential and 2: Nice to have. 

The style of kitchen you choose should see functionality maximised around the space that you have.

Think about storage

Consider how you store food and drink. And all your cooking utensils, crockery, glasses and cutlery.

- How much storage space do you need?
- How could drawers and cupboards be best used?
- What do you like to have on show?
- What do you like to be hidden from view?
- What do you need to access easily?

Efficient storage is an essential element to creating your dream kitchen. Think this through carefully.

Door & Drawer Styles

What style are you most drawn too – traditional or contemporary ? Handleless or with handles? Colour or wood? Matt or gloss?

How would you like a door to function? Swing open, flip up, slide or fold? Are there any awkward areas doors need to fit?

Drawer styles have changed dramatically in recent years – becoming a decent sized storage space.  Would bigger drawers work better than some cupboards?

Think about how you currently move around your kitchen.  Do you need to reach up a lot?  What items would be best stored lower?

Worktops & Splashbacks

The vast number of colour options and textures now available for worktops, tiles and splashbacks, lets you personalise your kitchen as you like.

Plan how all the elements will work in harmony together – to create the perfect feel in your kitchen.

Experiment with ideas, so design meets function.

I can't recommend IPS Pronorm highly enough. The level of service that Grant provided us with was second to none. He and his staff took the time to find the right kitchen within our budget, and everything was provided on time and as promised. Highly recommended.

Peta R

A new kitchen is one of the biggest home investments you may make. It’s the heart of the home and a valuable asset. So it’s easy to assume it will come with a hefty price tag. 

That need not be the case. 

What matters is that the budget you have is spent wisely.

What we bring to the table is decades of experience working with the most reputable brands. We work with you to create a kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing and designed with purpose. 

A kitchen that exudes ‘home’ as soon as you walk through the door.

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