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Why Are You Tired In The Morning?                                        And Other Cause and Effects

By Elizabeth Kile

Why Are You Tired In The Morning?


The cause of being tired in the morning is going to bed late. It is a good idea to get to bed at 8:30 or earlier. Other things that can cause you to be tired are playing on electronics before bed or eating too much sugar.


The effect of being tired is not being able to concentrate on learning at school. Also being tired can sometimes make you grumpy and things won't seem as fun when you are grumpy and tired.

What Gives You Hiccups?


You can get hiccups by eating too fast. You can also get hiccups if you are really exited.


Hiccups are very annoying and when you are at a fancy party or another place with lots of people  you may sometimes get embarrassed!

Fun Fact:

Swallowing a spoon full of peanut butter 

or other thick foods can get rid of hiccups!

How Do You Get Cavities?


You get cavities by not brushing your teeth and eating sugary foods.


The effect of having cavities is having bad breath and having your teeth really hurt. It also really hurts to go to the dentist to fix them.

How Do You Get A Sunburn?


The cause of a sunburn is going out on a sunny day without sunscreen.


The effects of a sunburn are blisters and your skin starts to hurt and peel. It can also lead to skin cancer when you are older.

Answer: 12


Before we end our cause and effect book, how many rabbits did you see in these pages?

Enjoy learning about cause and effect? If so it is always great to do more reasearch and remember, everything has a cause and an effect!