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I chose to write about drinking and driving because no matter how dangerous it is people still do it.

            Dont Drink And Drive!


Drinking and driving is a law. that many people do not follow in the united states. Not only are they putting thereselves in danger there putting everybody else on the road in danger. 1.77 million is the number of drunk driving attempts prevented by the ignition interlock device in the United States.

You can tell a person a 100 times not to do something, but until the people start facing consequences they will not stop being repeated offenders of breaking the law.

On average every 53 minutes someone is killed from drinking and driving. 9,878 people in total in 2011 where killed from others drinking and driving or from being behind the wheel intoxicated.

one-third of drunk driving leads to arrest, crashes, deaths, and injuries usually comes from repeated offenders. Taking away a offenders license doesnt matter, 50-75% of them drive anyways.


Every two hours three people are killed in a alcohol related highway crash. There are many cosequences of drinking and driving incuding arrest, property damage, injuries, and thousands of deaths each year.




Did you know?



                                                                                  What Can You Do To Help?


Its hard to help someone who doesnt want to help therself. If your drinking and driving anything can happen from the time you leave your destination till you make it to your destination. If you see someone swerving on the road carelessly call 911 and report the car before they hurt therself or anyone else. People need to take drinking and driving serious because it can be very fatel.