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Richard Williams

By: Owen Nivens 

The Reason I chose this animator is because he made Who Framed Roger Rabit. my father and I loved that movie. When he came home from work, we would used to just watch that movie over and over. He also animated The Princess and the Cobbler, and The little island. Here are some of his awards. He won 4 Oscars 1 for Prologe, Best Short Film, Who framed Roger Rabit, 1 for Best effecrs, visual effects. And the last Oscar was for A Christmas Carol. He also worked with the people who made Goofy The character and Fantasia the Disney Movie

Richard Williams was born in Toronto on 19 March 1933, but has spent most of his professional life in the United Kingdom. Though best known for his work on Who Framed Roger Rabbit  Williams began his career work with Yellow Submarine (1968) director George Dunning, and then worked in the expanding television commercials industry.

 Later, he was to engage Disney veterans Art Babbitt, who developed 'Goofy' and worked on the 'Mushroom Dance' in Fantasia(1940), and Milt Kahl, animator of Shere Khan in The Jungle Book (1967), to train young animators at his studio.




Richard Williams Favriote characters that he animated is Roger Rabit, Baby Herman and the Toon Patrol. All from Roger Rabbit