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Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

The village was silent. Flames and sparks blew over on the black roasted trees. The only sound was a cry of a lonely man, his tears disappeared in the grass.  His three daughters and wife left him alone forever. He was drowning in hatred and revenge of the person who killed his loved ones, Tadodaho.  Only seeking violent and bloodthirsty wars. All his love and kindness was leaking out of his soul.  That man was Hiawatha the leader of the Mohawk tribe.  His men and women were gone, either killed or captured.  He left the tribe but not forgetting how hard his people worked for him.


Building a small fire near the river he said to himself out loud, “ I am alone” as a tear slowly worked its way down Hiawatha’s cheek.  

“You’re not alone” a small and strange voice echoed, a small jade canoe floated gently on the crystal water.

“Who are you and what do you want?”

“Are you a spy from Tadodaho?” Hiawatha said sharply.

“I am not a spy from whoever Tadodaho is,  I came here because I sense that you faced pain.” said the strange man

“And you ask who am I?”

“ Well, I am the Great Peacemaker.”




“The what?”  

“There is no such thing as peace there is only violence,” said Hiawatha said in a deep and dark voice.

“I sense that you’re mad that Tadodaho killed your loved ones.”

“but you must forgive.”

I am sure that he didn’t mean it.” The PeaceMaker said.

When the peacemaker touched Hiawatha’s shoulder. Hiawatha suddenly felt calm. “Join me to tell the great law of peace.” said the Peacemaker “ I have a very quiet voice they will not hear me”. Hiawatha agreed, together they paddled on the jade canoe. 

They went to the Seneca tribe. Hiawatha was greeted with millions of eyes. He followed The Peacemaker as they make their way to the biggest tipi

“This must be the chief’s tipi.” The Peacemaker said.

They went in. The chief greeted them with a pleasant smile. “ Hi welcome to the Seneca tribe,” The Chief said.

“ Have you been attacked by Tadodaho?” asked Hiawatha.

“Yes, Why?” The Seneca chief asked.

The peacemaker gently touched Hiawatha and brave, bold letters came out of the leader of Mohawk tribe.  

“I am Hiawatha leader of Mohawk tribe, join us and together we will make peace and peace will defeat Tadodaho.”  Hiawatha said proudly.

The elders agreed. “ The young one is right Peace can brin-

“Peace brings you nothing.” the chief interrupted. “ Now get out of my tribe!”

“We will come back later” the Peacemaker whispered

“No we won’t!” Hiawatha shouted. “If they won’t join us then we will force them to.” He started to punch the chief.

“ Guards get him!” the Seneca chief shouted as he felt his bleeding nose.



The guards quickly grabbed Hiawatha and threw him in a cave.

The Peacemaker quickly escaped. “ It’s time to free Hiawatha.” the Peacemaker said quietly.

Well in the cave there was a door that was locked so Hiawatha couldn’t get through. Then he heard a knock it was the Peacemaker and he stole the keys. There were some twitching sounds and then the door swung open.

“We should go” the Peacemaker whispered. And they did, on the way to the next tribe the Peacemaker was talking about what happened back there. “See violence brings you trouble”

“I now know why peace is so important,” Hiawatha whispered. They went into the canoe and started to paddle to the next tribe which is the Cayuga tribe.

When they arrived they were greeted with guards with swords and knives Hiawatha was about to attack but the Peacemaker stopped him. “ Let them take us.” the Peacemaker said quietly. “ If you fight them you will get killed they have swords and you only have your fist”.

Hiawatha then remembered that he had left his weapons in the Seneca tribe. The guards took them to the chief but this chief was different, the chief was not a man she was a woman.

“ What do you want!” The chief shouted.

“I am Hiawatha and I want you to join us to follow the great law of peace,” Hiawatha said loudly so the whole tribe could hear. Then one of the elders came up and whispered into the chief

“One of my elders said that peace will bring good to the whole tribe and I respect the elders so I will join this peace tribe,” the chief said. So together the canoed as one nation to the next tribe. They arrive at the next tribe which was the Oneida tribe.

When they arrived they were not greeted with anyone there was no people, no tipis, and no guards.

“I think Tadodaho killed them all,” Hiawatha said surprised.

“ No, I sense that some people survived. Look, I see just a few tipis hidden right there.” the Peacemaker said.

“Then let's go,” Hiawatha said as he ran to the little group of tipis. They went in the biggest tipi but no one was there instead there were food supplies and other stuff you need to have to survive. They went out of the biggest tipi and started to search for the chief they searched from big tipis to smaller tipis and all they found were families. Finally, they went to the smallest tipi and found the chief enjoying some tea. The chief was peaceful. Suddenly Hiawatha started to speak.


“ I am Hiawatha and I am here to tell you about the great law of peace please join me and the others.

“ I always liked the sound of peace. I will join you." the chief said. Now there were 2 canoes following Hiawatha and the peacemaker, and together they canoed as one nation.

Then they went all the way back to the Seneca tribe and made the chief see that they will be strong so the Seneca join the peace nation. Now they were heading to Tadodaho.

Tadodaho's people have been killed in battle.

“I am Hiawatha and I am here to free you.’ Hiawatha said. “ You can not defeat us.” Then the peacemaker handed medicine to Tadodaho. Then Tadodaho ate the medicine and then he turned into a raven and flew away. The three tribes did not go apart instead the joined together into one nation.

The End