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Conversion process
These are the ones I tested (I have them all in the dev account on
Some across the board errors:
Landscape layout isn’t large enough and doesn’t scale.
The page order conversion isn’t actually in the right order, seems to move the 2
through to the 5
page to the end of a booklet.
Get vertical and horizontal scrollbars quite a bit on the results.
Get a preload of all the pages on the left, transparent, layered on top of each other.
All of them seem not quite centered properly on the page compared to the nav toolbar.
I’m not sure what to do about the editing tab and if you click on the content.
The screen capture seems different, not sure why. If you compare the brimnes one of the latest one to
an older one using the old system, you can see that the screencapture is different.
Sometimes after the conversion, it sits on step 1 modal and you think it didn’t work, but it’s just slowly
Test 1
This is a one page that is followed by two pages in the layout. So obviously this breaks in the current
process. The problem is it seems funny choosing the fold, although it does work in the conversion.
Step 1
Should just default to PNG now going forward, remove the selection tab.
Conversion indicator
It shows crazy long percentages for converting time.
Simplebooklet link
Got stuck on working on it when I entered a vanityurl
Default sizing:
This PDF ended up with scrollbars. I think that we should suppress the scrollbars, even if it should have
them. Use the overflow: hidden for that embed frame.
Test 2
Took a long time to convert, but a bigger file at 25mb.
Vanityurl didn’t work.
page didn’t convert so I get a broken image .
Table of contents comes out blank for each of the pages.
Test 3
got a horizontal scrollbar for the booklet.
It doesn’t expand using the zoom tools.
Test 4
Tried uploading the large 40mb file.
time failed to load to first screen. 2
time failed to load again. Said it didnt receive the PDF file.
Test 5
Ikea catalog
Worked great and the links work within the catalog. However it loads funny by first showing this before
the booklet loads in properly.
Test 6
Scaling issue here as well. Seems that we need a different width for the production of landscape versus
portrait PDFs.
Got scrollbars for both directions.
Messed up the page order inside the booklet.
Test 7
Scrollbars on both directions.
Test 8
this one seemed to have worked perfectly.
Doesn’t seem centered properly under the nav toolbar.
Test 9
The links don’t seem to work properly in the pages. Email or weblinks.
Test 10
pages not in the right order.
Test 11
The order is all over the place.
It took awhile for some of the images to load up versus the catalog content.
The screenshot cover is not the right capture of the cover (the font is wrong).
Test 12
Blues Booklet from Bradenton
This file just fails.
Word Docs
Test 1
Seems to work pretty good in preview.
Kind of blurs out funny with the transition flip.
When you look at it in edit tab, you can tell it hasn’t quite scaled to the booklet width properly.
Plus you can click and its like you can edit it but really, you can’t.
Then if you open it in the CTA tab, it doesn’t work at all.
Test 2
Links work and it all looks good. Seems to have the same issues as above.
Test 1
Didn’t even seem to upload. Seems to just put me back to the step one modal. It did create an entry
But nothing is there.
Test 2
This one just stalled during the conversion process at 71.547053403067% Not sure why.
Test 3
This one worked.
but the hardcoded dimensions didn’t work properly.
Test 1
Just not formatted right but it did work.