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So B. It

By Sarah Weeks

Project by: Jerelyn Montas 8B

Hi, my name is Heidi and I live with my mama and my neighbor Bernadette.

Bernadette lives with mama and I because mama has a mental illness and Bernadette helps take care of me and mama.

I don't know what mama's illness is called but mama doesn't know many words and she doesn't know how to do much.

Bernadette can't leave the apartment because she has A.P. So she comes to our apartment through a door that connects both apartments together.

I don't know much about my real family. Only who is my mama. But I don't even know mama's real name, she just calls herself "So B. It".

Day after day, I become more curious about my family and start looking for clues, everywhere around the house.

In one of mama's cabinets I find an envelope with many pictures from when mama was pregnant with me. So, these photos were taken about 13 years ago.

These pictures were taken at a place called Hilltop at Liberty, New York. Hilltop is a home for people who have mental illnesses. In one of the pictures mama is with this older woman that looks like her. Maybe that's my grandma.

I showed Bernadette the pictures and I persuaded her to let me go to find at least one other family member. When she finally said she'd let me go, she bought me a bus ticket to Liberty, New York.

The next day I pack up and took the bus to Liberty, New York, but before I left I said bye to mama. She wasn't feeling very well. While on the bus I made a few friends and they were very nice people.

When I finally got to Liberty, New York, I went to this taxi place, so I could get to Hilltop. Unfortunately, my money was stolen when I was on the bus, so I wasn't able to pay for a ride.

Luckily, there was a jar of jelly beans! If I guess the right amount of jelly beans in the jar, I get a free ride to where ever I want.

"1,527" I guessed the amount of jellybeans. The taxi driver was so suprised to hear that I got it correct.

After I was dropped off at Hilltop I went inside and asked around about mama. The owner of Hilltop, Thurnman Hill, knew mama and so did his son Elliot.

Before I could talk to Thurman Hill, I had to wait until the next day. So, I stayed at one of the workers who worked at hilltop's house. Her name is Ruby. 

The next day, I went back to Hilltop and spoke to Thurman. I found out so many things. For instance, Thurman Hill is my grandfather and Elliot is my father. 

I called Bernadette to tell her what I found out about my family. But she seem sad when she talked to me. I didn't know what was wrong but she told me to come home right away. So I did.

When I returned home, Bernadette told me that mama has passed away. I cried. She was buried at a cemetery in Liberty, New York since that's where she was born and raised.

I have been going back to Liberty, New York to visit everyone, including mama. I miss mama but my life hasn't been so bad.