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Mothers against drunk driving

OUR MISSION: To end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes, and prevent underage drinking.


MADD began when Cari, a 13 year old star softball player was killed by a drunk driver. Cari's mom, Candace, fought day in and day out to get justice for Cari by seeking to end drunk driving and have stricter laws in place for drunk and drugged drivers.

The Irving, TX -based non profit organization seeks to end drunk driving, support victims and the families of victims who have been affected by drunk driving. 

Cindi Lamb, a mother from Maryland, joined Candace and other grieveing mothers to fight against drunk driving. A year earlier, Lamb and her 5 month old daughter, Laura, were hit head on by a drunk driver, injuring Cindi and causing Laura to become the nation's youngest quadriplegic.

MADD's fight paid off two years later when the Howard-Barnes Alcohol Traffic Safety Law, whcih provided $125 million in incentive grants for states to pass .10% blood alcohol concentration from .15. 

MADD has been raising awareness for 35 years and since its founding, death by drunk driving has decreased by 55%. Today, MADD has 30+ sponsors, 8300+ volunteers and 500+ employees with growing support

If you, or a loved one, has been affected by drunk or drugged driving, or underage driving, do not hesitate to call MADD's 24 hour help-line.