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This takes place in the 18th century.At first this is at a hotel by a sea shore and hills. This inn is located in Black Hill Cove.

The other setting is where they are the most which is at Treasure Island, but its real name is Skull Island. 

Point of View

The story was told in a first person point of view and narrated by a young boy by the name of Jim Hawkins. Another person narrated the book for three chapters, he is Dr. Livesey. 

Rising Action

When Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins arrive at the supposed treasure sight, but when they get there they come upon pirates that had already dug it up. The pirates started advancing towards them, but Dr. Livesey arrived at the perfect time and scared them away.

Falling Action

Is the return of Long John Silver to England with a we bit of the treasure.


Dr. Livesey, Jim Hawkins, Squire Trewalney, Captain Smollet, and other crew find the treasure. 



 Treasure Island is an adventure and pirate collage. It is quite a simple to understand unlike other stories that can be quite complex.



Jim Hawkins

Billy Bones

Black Dog

Squire Trelawney

Dr. Livesey

Captain Smollett

Long John Silver

Ben Gunn


Israel Hands

Tom Redruth

By Madelynn Crenshaw