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After college I will go to firefighting academy to become a firefighter.

I should be a firefighter within the next eight years.

This goal is relevant to me because I have always wanted this since I was little.


After high school I will go to college. The two I plan to go to are either Lewis-Clark State College or Treasure Valley Community College.

I will go for four years and get my bachelors degree in fire science.

Some steps I will take to get there are to apply for those schools and then sign up for as many scholarships as possible, so I do not have to go into as much debt.








Car Payment: 


Car insurance:




Dine out/Social Life:


Monthly Subscriptions:


Total expenses:


Leftover For Savings:


This budget I have made came from the guidelines of the Oregon CIS website. The career I have chosen is to be a firefighter, the job pays an average of $65,890 per year. So essentially on average I would be making about $1,834 per month. My first important expense would be a place to live. I chose to pick an apartment. I went to and searched up average cost for a 2-bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment in Lewiston, Idaho.The average price for an apartment is $800. Since my boyfriend and I plan on living together, we can split the cost. I pay $400 as he also pays $400. While creating a budget I looked into finding a car that cost about 25% of my monthly budget. While I was searching I came across a 2010 Jeep Wrangler that is exactly what I was looking for. I may have a big amount of money leftover for savings but then I will be able to have enough money for later on in life when I would like to start a family.