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This booklet is about sneakerheads!

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        By: Shamis Shamil


 What is a sneakerhead?

A "sneakerhead" is a person who collects trades or admires sneakers as hobby.






A"sneaker-head" may be also highly experienced in distinguishing between real and fake replica shoes.

 When did this "sneaker-head" culture start?

 The birth of the "sneaker-head" in the United States in the United States came in the 1980's and can be attributed to these major sources: basketball the emergence of Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan line of shoes released in 1985 and the growth of hip hop.

Popular collections are: The Air Jordan, Air Force Ones, Nike Dunks, Nike Snowboarding, Nike Foamposties, The Nike Air Max, and in the past years, The Nike Air Yeezy.

What types of brands do the sneakerheads wear?

The growth of retailing and auction sites has armed sneaker collecters with better methods to hunt down the rarest shoes and the most popular shoes.

The growth


During the 2010s, sneakerheads have been influenced by by hip-hop fashion and the skater subculture. Commonly used words include Crispy (clean), Deadstock (no longer sold) and also Goat (greatest of all time).

Sneakerhead Slang

Yesterday's sneakerhead shopped around for deadstock and exclusive finds that were a steal, while today's sneakerhead will deal or steal any which way to drop 500$ on a pair of kicks.

Change of Value

Back in the day, A sneaker head would spend more than $100 on sneakers, unless they were a Jordan fan.


Amazing right?

The Past

 Michael Jordan's first shoes came out in 1984. They were called the Air Jordan 1s. 

 Michael Jordan


A P.E sneaker is a sneaker that can be worn with the shoes minimalize sneakers .

What is a P.E sneaker?

As you can see sneakerheads love their shoes and they love to buy collections of them. They would spend their entire money on shoes .



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 The first ever jordans!!!

These shoes were released on 1985.

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