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PDHPE assignment

puberty booklet

by lucy jasper 7I



defenition of puberty/adolesscence


puberty is when a boy/girl becomes sexually mature. for girls it usally happens for ages 10 to14 years of age and for boys ages 12 to 16 years of age. it causes physical changes to your body and effects boys and girls differently. for girls the first sign of puberty for girls is breasts develop and for boys the first sign of puberty is enlargement of testicles.


what is Testosterone??



Testosterone is a hormone that stimulates sexual characteristics. Testosterone is in men and women but mostly in men. In men small amounts of Testosterone comes from adrenal glands and most of it comes from the testicals. Women only produce small amounts of testosterone from the adrenal glands and the ovaries.  


Estrogen is a sexual hormone that both men and women produce but mostly women. Estrogen is in the ovaries. Estrogen is released from the  ovarian follicles and the corpus luteum and the an egg released from the follicle and the placenta, IN men Estrogen is in the ovaries.

what is Estrogens ??

what is the difference between Estrogen and Testosterone ??




the main focus in testosterone is sexual characteristics and Estrogen is to help your body get ready for pregnancy.