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Choreography as a career  

A choreographer is the person who teaches dance. In order to teach dance there will be some things as skills you should have. You, yourself must know how to dance, have rhythm, and be creative. 

One day along the sides of the New York street walked a very determined woman names Jane. Jane, ever since she was a little girl wanted to teach dance. She promised herself that one day she would own her own studio and travel with students and compete. The problem is that hadn't exactly happened yet. 

Jane didn't know a lot about dance and its history. She although did know how to move to the music. She was an above average dancer, especially considering she had never taken a dance class. Everything she knew was self taught by watching movies. She knew if she were to get where she wanted to be she would first need a couple of classes 

Jane worked and worked in order to get better. She used her lessons that she got in class and went on a search for a job as a choreographer. She found one at a near by studio. She began teaching younger children and saving money. 

Jane saved enough money from teaching over the years and opened a dance and music academy with a friend.