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By: Renee DiMonda


  The glade 

The Glade is the main place where the boys stay. The boys stay in the Glade all day and all night. You might think that they dont like the Glade, but it was described as paradise. "The air felt perfect, and it made him wonder again about the weather of the place. Never rained, never snowed, never got too hot or too cold. If it weren't for the little fact that they were tornapart from friends and families and trapped in a Maze with a bunch of monsters, it could be paradise,'' (Dasher 31.33). The boys seem to enjoy the glade even though they are  trying to find a way out. The Glade is where everyone, but the runners usually stay.


The box

The whole story reloves around the box. The box is a major setting in The maze runner. Thomas was forced to go to this new virtual reality world through the box. The box started it all. Thomas lost his memory in the box. the box is how they got from the real life to the" virtual life. Every single boy got to the Glade from the box which makes the box one of the first settings. In the Maze Runner.The box was their way of transportataion.


The Maze is where all the cauois happened. Thomas rushed into the Maze when he wasn't supposed to, Ben was put in the Maze to be killed and Alby was stung by a Griever in the Maze. The Maze is where all the trouble happens, everything goes wrong in the maze. the grievers get let out, and Thomas has to run in to save Alby. The maze is the most dangerous thing in the Glade. When Thomas came they told him that no one ever survived a night in the Maze. Although Thomas survived a night in the maze it is challenging to do so for others.

The Map Room is very important. This is where Thomas and Mihno plan out there routes for when they go back into the Maze. The maps ended up burning which ruined there whole plan. The maps was there only source for survival this is the way they get around. Mihno was the maze "leader,'' so this is when Mihno showed Thomas his plans and what he wanted to do. The setting plays a big role because this is how Thomas tried to solve the maze.

Map room


The deadends is a large area where dead ends, dead treesand bushes are. Some people ran into the dead ends when the Grievers left the maze, they are described as creepy and sketchy. Thomas went to the dead ends and said it was graveyard like. Dead ends can be described as almost sketchy and spooky due to the dead trees and dead bushes.


Home stead

The Home Stead is the "rescue" area for the boys, this is also where Thomas and all of the other boys would sleep. Orignally the boys slept outside but due to the Grievers running loose they were forced to sleep inside to avoid the Grievers. They use this land to relax and also to sheild themselves from the Grievers