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Happy 40th Birthday Jyoti!


Jyoti, you are a very good daughter-in-law. Everybody thinks that we are mother and daughter. You take very good care of me. Wherever we go, we go together. The biggest thing I like about you is your smiling and loving face. You also become very nervous when something happens in the family. 


When Daddu was sick, you really supported me and all my children to take care of him, whether going to the hospital, taking care of him at home or even cleaning the bathroom to help Vivek. Once when we were leaving for California, Daddu messed up the whole bathroom with blood. You grabbed all the towels, cleaned him and helped Vivek clean the bathroom and we made it to the airport on time. Whenever he was sick, you always supported us. You always treated us like your own parents. You are more than a daughter to me and my husband. You are also a good mother to your two lovely kids inspite of having a full-time job, housework etc.


You are a really sweet loving child of mine. May God bless you with good health, wisdom and long happy life to both you and Vivek.


                                                                                      Lots of love


Like all of us we love to be loved and pampered but Pinki as a 2/3 months old child would never show her irritability even if I showed literally meaning showered her with my kisses whereas her twin brother would show his annoyance just after 3/4 kisses. My mother, her Nani would be ever ready to babysit her because she was a fuss free baby, never troubled anyone even if she had fever she was such a quiet baby.

Her Papa calls her his Sherni beti (daughter with the courage matching that of a lioness). Though she appears weak /timid but she is a real Sherni at adverse times twice. Once when she was hassled by a rogue character in a bus, she threatened to take the bus to the police station. Matter was resolved only when they apologised for their behaviour in front of all the passengers. Second time, she made a traffic policeman leave his post to follow a rogue who was Eve teasing.


Lots of love


Jyoti is very possessive about her father. Of course she loves me (her mom) a lot but a wee bit less than her father. This reminds me about an incident when she was about four years, her Papa came home after a gap of about one and a half months, a very very common feature in the life of an an army family. To ensure no one else could touch him, she eagle spread herself on him. Even now when she talks to me, it's all goody goody, all fears, apprehensions and worries are shared with father only. Not only that as a daughter, sister and even a cousin, she is every one's favourite. She gets abundant love and gives even more. Even Vivek will vouch for it. With me during our daily conversation of about 5-10 minutes on her way to office she would straight away sense if I am a little upset even if I am trying to be my normal self. Thats how sensitive she is!

As parents, we were a little apprehensive if not worried because till her class twelve she was totally unaware of her looks, never touched any thing on my dressing table, leave alone experimenting with her looks or makeup. This had us worried specially her father but we saw a visible change in her once she joined the college.

I must mention a great achievement of her life, she secured 2nd position in an all India essay competition to mark the celebrations of JawaharLal Nehru's birth anniversary. She was given the award by Rajeev Gandhi the then prime minister of India.

She is and always will be our Darling daughter. I accept most loved by her father who still uses the same endearments for her which her used to use forty years ago and he is not shy of that. She is still a baby for him.

In the end, I'll just say we are the luckiest parents. Pinki is a very very loving, compassionate person who spreads love and happiness where ever she goes.

Just like a man is said to have a better half, his spouse, twins do too and no matter how much I may try to convince myself, Jyoti is our better half, hands down. A person who is calm, sensitive, forgiving and loving, just to note a few, makes me wonder if I there was anything left for me to get to the table in this relationship! She is the epitome of what a brother can hope for in a sister, she has been an older sister in my time of need and has shown her sensitive side allowing me to reciprocate as a brother. Being twins is something special in my opinion and having come into this world together and grown together into people we are today, gives us a bond that I will cherish forever. Wish you a wonderful birthday and the best of health, wealth and happiness. 




Dear Pinky,
You are a great blessing not only in my brother's life, but to us, his family as well. My parents have been able to live in peace and solitude with you all. Daddu always commended you for all that you did for him. He would get angry at Mama or Viki but always admired you for your patience and self restraint.
I am glad to have a charming and pretty sister in law like you. Rajesh and the kids love you too. You always welcome us with open arms and treat us so well whenever we come to visit you. Keep sharing your happiness and love with everyone around you.
May this year bring you lot of happy moments and your life be filled with joy, good health and wealth. Rajesh, Shireen and Shaleen join me in wishing you a happy 40th birthday.
                                                                                                       Lots of love and blessings,

My dearest Jyoti! Welcome to the 40s!! It is a colorful phase of life!! Yes, one needs to color one's hair!! It is full of fun too, you can make fun of all those 30 somethings ;). But most of all, it is a time for caring; caring for yourself! You are the sweetest person, I ever met, bringing out cakes at midnight, ready to give company, whether for chai, wine or just a nice chat! Love you, and bless you. Many happy returns of the special Day!


                                                                                                      Hugs from Rina.

Birthday wishes from Masi and Jijaji

Birthday wishes from Niece and Nephew

Birthday wishes from cousin Sonu and his family

Happy 40th Bday Jyoti! May the Lord continue to shower His blessings upon you and make you a wonderful testimony for Him. We are proud of your walk with the Lord and a recipient of your gentle and loving care towards us. 
 2 Corinthians 9:8
And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.
Dinakaran, Beulah and Samuel

My favorite way to call you: Pinks ;-)
Sweetest act: Created a fb page for cakes, as a gift for my birthday!

I love you because you are: amiable, thoughtful, ambitious, and a
living testimony for Christ!

I look forward to: seeing the final product of your teeth ;-)

One of your favorite verses from the bible: Philippians 4:6 & 7- Do
not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and
petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the
peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your
hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

You love to: Drink your unsweetened chai, first thing in the morning!!

Anna George

Four years back when I was in hospital with my new born, hubby and I were extremely exhausted, with no family or help around, Jyoti walks in becomes that strong support I desperately needed at that hour. Whether taking care of me during my pregnancy, being a strong support in the hospital or pampering me with gourmet food post pregnancy…she was there. Will never forget her love and support when I will look back at this important stage of my life.

Last year during a major tragedy in my life I see this lady with her whole family standing there for me. Hugging me, crying with me, sharing my deepest pain. I was not even expecting her to be there. But there she was.

I love you Pinks for your generous wonderful heart, your support and your presence when I needed the most. Love you for your strength and determination.

I truly cherish our friendship.


Nidhi Nathaniel

Dear Jyoti,
I still remember the first time I met you and within days, had a request for you to help me check out books from the university library. I remember how willingly and patiently you hung out with me, and made me feel welcome to this new place and church community. I see that in you time and time again, how willingly you go out of your way to help, drive 25 minutes to deliver hot chicken soup just because I am sick and alone with two kids, and show tremendous grace as you walk through different life experiences that we share.
You have been a blessing. I thank the Lord for you, your life, and the joy of having your loving family around.
Here's wishing you a fantastic forty! and many more years walking in His favor.
"The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace"
Numbers 6:24-26
Kamna Mantode
Can't believe it's your milestone birthday (I'm right behind you :) ) and wish I was there to celebrate with you. 
I fondly remember our first home buying experience at the same time and in the same neighborhood. Had some fun times exchanging decorating and shopping tips, meeting for prayer and also the impromptu "chai" meetings at your place just to chat and unwind in the evenings!!
Wishing you a very blessed birthday my friend!! May God's grace be upon you as you step into this new year and beyond.

Numbers 6:24-26 (NKJV)

24 “The Lord bless you and keep you;25 The Lord make His face shine upon you,And be gracious to you;
26 The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”


Selina Moses

 Jyothi and I  worked together and have been friends for almost 4 year,  We both have daughters very close in age, and  were the only Desi women in the a mostly white/male team . although  Jyoti and her warm and easy going personality make her very easy to get along and I feel I have known her forever !
Over the years, we bonded over raising kids, in-laws, twins, office gossip and frustrations, ignorance of American sports( and American popular culture in general :)) etc...She has always been a great listener and one of my only friends at work whenever I needed to vent, as I went through personal and professional challenges. I will always be so thankful to her for taking the initiative to save me from a very uncomfortable situation when my job ended. Considering she is so busy herself, she always takes the time to check in with me periodically. I am so thankful to have had the chance to be friends with Jyoti, and wish her all the best for the years to come !
Sumitra Srinivasan
What I like most of Jyoti is her sincerity.  She is always so full of heart and truly cares 'deeply'.  I love that she is open to her feelings which makes her honest and genuine.  I admire her for being a lady with true integrity that is not embarrassed or too proud to show her true feelings.  I know that all sounds "deep" but when I think of Jyoti, these are the first characteristics that come to mind.  :)
Avani Patel


Dear Jyoti,
Happy 40th birthday!  I have fond memories of chatting with you years ago at many children's birthday parties.  Noticing Janani hanging around the snack table and reminiscing about our own childhoods!  You always admired my peacefulness, but ironically I never felt peaceful and always thought you were the one at peace!! Sitting here in Nepal, I'm hoping you and your beautiful family are doing well and enjoying your entrance into your 5th decade - WOW!  
Wishing you much love
Nita Bhave


Jyoti is very kind, graceful and grateful!  Her kindness and grace comes across in every conversation I have had with her.  She is always gracious and a great listener.  Her gratitude for the simplest of gestures is amazing.
I wanted to include a quote from Maya Angelou for Jyoti on her 40th Birthday.  “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
This is one of my favorite quotes and is so pertinent for Jyoti.  Jyoti is one a person that always has empathy and grace.  Every time I meet her (which is not often enough!), she greets me as an old friend.  She always takes the time to  find out what is happening in my world before she talks about her own.  She is always genuinely interested in how I am going.  I always leave a conversation with her feeling better than I did before.
Rasna Prakash

Happy Birthday dear Jyoti !


With love and best wishes


Grace was in all her steps, Heaven in her eye. In every gesture dignity and love. – John Milton


Jyoti, you are the most graceful person I have ever met – inside and out. You are completely genuine, full of warmth, and always a class act. Irrespective of the circumstances, in good times and bad, your attitude and behavior remain the same – that is a very rare quality that signifies internal strength and the love you feel for those around you.  I hope that you always remain this way. And I wish you only good times and lots of peace, prosperity and happiness going forward. Rock on, babe! You are timeless and will always be a classic.


I Love you always






I am so grateful that our paths crossed in the way that it did. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. I love how you gracefully embraced everything life has offered to you, whether it was to your liking or not. It is amazing how you accepted every curve ball thrown at you (without ever complaining) and found happiness in the process. We all have a thing or two to learn from you!
I appreciate all your thoughtful gestures from sending us meals when Aditya was just born, parathas making lesson, stopping by to check in on us after Smriti broke her arm, making dishes that Sanjay could eat when visiting you guys etc. 
Am truly thankful for our friendship!
Wishing you the very best in life, now and always.