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Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

By Nick Griffin


   We begin Sterling’s journey to the planet of Mars, the last of the terrestrial planets.

As Sterling rocketed towards the first planet on the list, he logged into the intergalactic supercomputer to try and get a quick overview about the first planet on the list; Mars also known as the Red Planet. And Sterling instantly saw why, the planet literally is red. The supercomputer also said that Mars was much colder than earth was and that he should probably dress warm as it has an average temperature of -55°F. One other big thing that Sterling found on the supercomputer was that is that Mars may have contained life at some point in the past; so hopefully he could find some proof of that.

Mars has been a huge part of pop culture as many movies have been made about the Red planet and has always been shrouded in mysterious. No other planet is more popular, besides earth of course, and usually goes along the lines of life on other planets.

   “It would be amazing to find some kind of proof or something about life on here!” Sterling exclaimed.

   The rocket then entered the atmosphere of the planet and softly touched down to the rocky and desolate surface of the Red planet. Sterling then climbed into his spacesuit and jumped out of the rocket with excitement and a mind for adventure to learn about Mars.

Sterling first set out to explore the mountain of Olympus Mons, the largest mountain in the solar system. He looked in awe at the immense size of the volcano.

“Never seen anything like this. Bigger than the turkey mom and dad make on Thanksgiving!’ He to yelled to himself.

 Sterling then noticed that the Martian was scared. He calmly stated “I’m not here to hurt you, but rather learn about Mars, could you help me?”

The Martian replied “ Why certainly, it would be a great pleasure of mine. My name is Marty by the way”. Marty then stood up and put his right hand over his chest and bowed.

“Mine is Sterling”, he said and did the same. He then stuck his hand out. “This is how we say hello on Earth”. Marty then shook his hand.

Marty then proceed to show him more of what Mars had to offer. Stating that Mars is smaller than earth, but still very capable of sustaining life. 

Marty went on to say that Mars is farther away from the sun meaning that it takes longer to go around the earth, therefore its “year” is much longer. They then went to Valles Marineris, which is a system of canyons over 2400 miles long and can as deep as 4 miles.

“This is like the Grand Canyon like in Arizona”, sterling told Marty

Sterling then Stold Marty that they needcd to get going to the other planets so he could finish his report.


So Sterling and Marty headed back to the rocket with loads of information set off for the planet of Jupiter.



We resume the journey of Sterling to the largest planet of Jupiter.

Sterling and Marty were now speeding towards Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Sterling then went to the supercomputer and checked to see what it had to say about Jupiter. Besides saying it was the biggest planet, it said that it made mostly of Hydrogen and Helium, making it a gas giant. The “stripes” planet are layering of gases at different temperatures

“Oh wow, look at the size of the planet!” Sterling screamed out.

“It is quite big, no other planet comes close to its size. It is so big that Jupiter has a very strong gravity field causing it to have 67 moons!” Marty explained. “It even has a very small ring system”

Sterling then noticed the large red spot on the planet and started to look into it.

“What is the giant red spot on the planet Marty?” Sterling asked

“That’s the Great Red Spot. A large storm rages there. It is very dangerous. Many have tried to venture through it; none have made it alive.” Marty said in a low tone, peering out at the spot.

Sterling then took the controls of the rocket and flew down into the atmosphere and it was a bit of a bumpy ride. Since the atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium, sterling and Marty won’t be able to stay in the atmosphere for very long. Winds and acid rain will make it difficult to stay very in the harsh environment.

“This wind is actually quite terrifying!” Sterling screamed to Marty

“Yes, the wind and rain can be dangerous especially in the Red Spot where it’s much worse” Marty yelled back. “We won’t be able to touch down due to the gas. There is no real solid surface, except for the gases which makes it hard to bring for a rover on the ground.

Sterling and Marty continued to explore the planet as much as they could, but not much was going on. They then climbed back into the rocket and sent off to explore the some of the moons. One of the most interesting moons that Jupiter is Io which actively volcanic all the time.

“All the time?!’ sterling questioned.

“Yes all the time. The gravity of Jupiter is constantly pulling Io apart, not enough to destroy it, but enough forto all volcanic activity to be constantly happening.”

Sterling the directed the rocket to the moon Io for a fly-by and instantly saw the planet erupting in volcanoes. Lava spewing into air almost hitting the rocket. Marty suggested moving on before something disastrous happens. Sterling then flew the rocket to the last stop on his list: Saturn




The last planet on Sterling’s list was the ring world of Saturn. Sterling one last time asked the supercomputer about Saturn. Everyone knows about Saturn’s rings and they should. It’s its most distinguishable characteristic. Although other planets have them, none are more prominent than Saturn’s. Just like Jupiter, it is a gas giant of Helium and hydrogen and does not have a real solid surface.

“This planet is very similar to Jupiter,” Marty stated “although it’s not as big as Jupiter, it is a gas giant.”

“Those rings are amazing!” Sterling exclaimed.

The distance of the rings span up to 175,000 miles which to put into perspective is about ¾ of the distance from earth to the moon. That is a considerable distance if you take into account the size of the planet. Sterling once again wanted to get up close to the planet and learn firsthand about it.

“Remember sterling that Saturn is just like Jupiter and does not have a solid surface,” Marty remarked

“We’ll do the same thing as before.” Sterling replied

Once in the atmosphere he then climbed into his space suit and jumped outside. Just like Jupiter, it was hazy with the hydrogen and helium gases. Acid rain was also a problem as it was on Jupiter. Sterling saw the similarities and quickly flew the rocket back out to space. Sterling then flew the rocket in close towards the rings.

“The rings of Saturn areis actually 7 rings with several gaps between them,” Marty explained to Sterling. “They are actually small particles of comets and even asteroids that range in size from dust sized to as big as buildings and even cities.”

“That can’t be right!” Sterling replied. “As big as buildings, that just not possible.”

Sterling then found out firsthand what the rings were made of and just how much they varied in size.He didn’t fly through the rings so he wouldn’t damage the rocket.

“There’s hundreds and thousands of them. All different shapes and sizes.” Sterling said in awe at the spectacle in front of him.

Marty then said that there is a special moon that might interest himyou. The moon of Titan is one of the most interesting moons not just for Saturn, but for the solar system. Titan is one of the only moons to have an atmosphere and has flowing liquids on the surface.

“Another place in the solar system that could have life on it? That’s is amazing.” Sterling replied back to him.

Sterling then had all the information he needs for the science project. Information on all three planets as well as some extra facts. He took the rocket on a course for earth and returned home to share with the others the infomation he had got.


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