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a book about protist and fungi

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protist and fungi 

by seth myers 

fungi can be singal celled or multicell orginisms . they are erkariotic like plants and aminmals. they are also heterotrophs. they are mostly inmoble or can not move. they reproduce with tiny sporecs. the spores come from a fruiting body and is also where they not reproduce with pollen fruit or seeds unlike plants .there are over 100000 identified species.hyphae is the long fiboruse branches or fake roots that obtian water and nutriance. they live almost every were on land,waterair,in plants and on animals.they can help us because most of the medicen we have has fungi in it and it is also in our food like yeast, but there are some fungi that are poisonus to humans and can harm us and even kill us. spores is a system of reproduction. and a fruiting body has a lot of spores in it. 

protist are mostly unicellular. most of them are microscopic. they also are eukaryotic. live in mostly aquatic environment. they have many ways to obtain energy.they move with flagellas, cilia and false feet. some of them are protozone or animal like protist they have to make their own food. plant like protist can make their own food with the clora plast in them like the one below. a the eugleana has a flagela it is a little whip. parameicium have cilia and they are like little hair that helps them move and obtain food.pseudopod are fake little feet that help amebea move and they move extreamly slow. we should care about protist because they decompose dead animals and other things they are also like to eat bacteria and can help us not get sick.