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Amberasysa's sweet, not so sweet, poetry project!!

Abandoned and scared in a place you do not know.

Broken and hurting from the loved one that hurt you.

Cuts on your body from the knife he used to stab you. 

Destroyed and left die.

Everything around you

Fading out og sight...Oh 

God...Not again...

He's coming.

         Help Me




Beautiful, Massive 

Moving, Pushing, Currents

Memories locked in our head



Beautiful, Massive

Moving, Pushing, Currents

Memories locked in our heads




Food makes me happy

I like any type of food

Food is really good


Wealthy, Caring, Rich, Singer

Husband of June Carter Cash

Who loved his family, friends, music, and singing

Who felt hurt in his life, love in his marriage, and horrible guilt over an incident he caused.

Who feared snakes, flaying, and feared he recorded a terrible album

Married June Carter and had one son and four daughters

Who wanted to accomplish his dreams and be loved

Who grew up in Kingsland, Arkansas but moved to Nashville, Tennessee


Johnny Cash

    Broken Heart

                     Hurt      Scared

      A broken heart. Crying and hurt

  What have i done wrong? I loved you

But you left me, Am i not good enough? Im

Sorry. I tried my hardest. I did everything

   But it wasn’t enough. But i'll get Over

       it. Ill okay. But i'm sorry. But ill fix

           My Broken heart myself. Do

             You even care about me?

                  You don't do you?

                           I'm Sorry



Rich milk chocolate

Executive taste that is

Easy to eat and

Sooths that tastebuds

Especially if it’s frozen and

Sweet if you eat it while drinking Dr. Pepper


Oh how I love you Reese's.

My best friend gone away

To a place of joy and grace

Never to be seen again until the day

I go to heaven and see his face

The loving face that I miss so dear

The face that made me smile when i had fear

With every passing day all I do is cry and cry

I hear your voice. I hear your laugh.

I hear the sweet song you use to sing.

I remember how your smile would just brighten up my day.

Oh how I wished I could see you again

To give you a big hug and laugh and sing

But not until I go away to the place of joy and grace 

Then I will be with my best friend again.


I love my mother.

She is so beautiful.

She is a kind soul.

My mom provide for my needs.

She loves me with all her heart.


I went to the zoo and this is what i seen, a kid with a pg going wee wee wee, akangaroo in a tree, a girl saying "cocka-doodle-do, guess who, im going number two in my little tu-tu". I shall never go to the zoo again.


My name is Amberasysa

No I am not from Asia

My best friend is a kittie

He is really pretty

The girl from FSD is named Anastasia

My Name Is.

Various colored birds

All singing and flying around

Making everyday bright


"Don't take life for granted, love every moment of everyday and everthing, don't hate, because in a blink of an eye it can all go away."

My headstone.


                             Shy, Quiet

                 Walking, Talking, Glaring

Hoping he gives you the chance, He is the one

                   Caring, Funny, Loving

                       Handsome, Cute