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This is a map of Suriname.

This is Suriname flag.


By: Lydia Torok

Tumukt Humak Mountains.

The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo.

all about  Suriname

all about  Suriname

Suriname is 63,252 mi² and is 3.9193° N, 56.0278° W longitude and latitude. Suriname could fit 563,402 people.

Some of the land forms are..................................................................

Tumukt Humak Mountains.


Suriname land forms



Rain forest Brokopondo and Para. 

  late April to mid-August- major rainy season temperature is around 80 f or 90 f.

February to late April-  minor dry season temperature is around 86 f or 88 f.


suriname is more of  a rainforest climate.

mid August to early December- major dry season temperature usually 80 f to 91 f.

December,February-a minor rainy season  temperature around 80 f to 90 f.

this is a man made statue of johan adolf. johan adolf was a president.

Man made features

this is a man made feature it is called jodensavanne.

this is man made it is called fort nieuw amsterdam.

     Natural resources in                  suriname

A natural resource the the people in suriname use is mostly timber, they use timber to, make house, and other things.

They also use iron ore to make steel. steel is used to make buildings, ships, etc.

another natural resource is hydro power, hydro power is used to make things move by water and the power goes into other things so they can work to.

an other industry product is lumber.

an industry product in Suriname is aluminum produces.

industry produces in Suriname.

a other industry product in Suriname is processed food.

in suriname they grow there own cherries.

and they grow coffee nuts.                                                          

agriculture in suriname

in suriname they have finger bananas. people call them finger bananas because they are as small as adult fingers.

in suriname they eat 

  • Pom, a chicken dish made with tayer.
  • Pastei, a creole-style chicken pot pie.
  • Dhal, a lentil stew.
  • Roti - grilled flatbread.
  • Curry Dishes, like this chicken curry
  • Vegetables with Peanut Sauce 
  • Bakbana - fried plantain with peanut sauce.

the main language in suriname is dutch.

cultures in suriname

in suriname the holidays they celebrate are christmas,easter and new year.

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