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What is Magnetism?

Magnetism is a force that can attract and repel objects. Magnets have a magnetic force that can attract iron,nickel and cobalt. There are 2 poles on a magnet,they are called the north and south poles. if we put 2 magnets together the same poles will repel and the oppisite poles will atract.




Anything that is made of iron,nickel or cobalt has a magnetic field. Anything that gets caught into a magnetic field that is made of these 3 materials will attract. The Earth has a ball that is 4500 degrees celcius hot in it's core made of iron and nickel. This is what's giving the Earth it's magnetic field. This is what's also keeping us on the ground along with gravity. 

Some things that attracts to a magnet are.............

  • The leg of our class chairs
  • papper clips 
  • other magnets 
  • screws
  • and anything made of iron,nickel and cobalt.