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Hip Hop is poetry   

Claudia M. Torres Arroyo   



''There is nothing to stop me,

 we see the day I have nothing to keep silent, 

nothing to hide. Until then, be happy, 

that although I love you, 

time does not stop, 

there is nothing to stop me''

What is "Meaning" in a poem?
*The meaning of my poem is "there is nothing to stop me."
How does your poem show examples of "Meaning''?
*Shows images of meaning because in the beginning of my poem says the fraction that I chose for my poem.

To spend day, afternoon and night working for my daughter and to fight in the fight that I do not correspond all the ones of the fight know of that I speak.

What is ''imagery'' in a poem? 
The imagery in my poem is ''me when i was just trying' to make some money to feed  my daughter, and all the people in the struggle you know what I'm saying''. 
How does your poem show examples of "Imagery?
Shows a lot because I believe the phrase I chose with the other and I could make this poem.

''There are people who do not care how you feel hit you without instilling anything and they never call you back''.
What is "End Rhyme" in a poem?
The end of the rhyme in my poem is the phrase that the I chose who is "the one who let hit and never called you again."
How does your poem show examples of "End Rhyme?"
Shows much the meaning of the word that I chose for my poem.