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"No More Victims"




Mothers Against Drunk Driving

  • Pushed to make the term designated driver a household term.
  • Member of the Presidental Commission on Drunk Driving.
  • Has helped to save over 300,000 lives.
  • Helped the passing of ignition interlock for all past offenders in 25 states.


M.A.D.D. was started by the mother of a drunk drving victim. It was created on September 5, 1980 in Fair Oaks, California.

When, Where, Why

 Mission Statement

"The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, help the victims of these violent crimes and prevent underage drinking."


  • A person is hurt in a drunk driving crash every two minutes.
  • Two thirds of people will be involved in a drunk driving crash during their lifetime.
  • Drunk Driving costs each adult in the United States over $500 a year.

How This Affects You

  • You can take the pledge to always have a designated driver.
  • You can donate online at
  • Participate in MADD's Walk Like MADD fundraising event.
  • Never Drink and Drive.

How You Can Help

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