Impact RepoRt
2019–2020 SEASON
A sold-out crowd at Van Wezel
Performing Arts Hall enjoyed Ain’t
No Stoppin’ Us Now: WBTT’s 20th
Anniversary Celebration. More
than 1,650 people attended,
enjoying an unforgettable
performance by WBTT audience
favorites and raising $160,000 for
our mission of diversity, inclusion
and education.
As a Black man growing up in Florida, I saw no institutions representing my
culture or celebrating the achievements of my people, nowhere young people
could look to for inspiration that reflected their lives and dreams. It is my
great joy to know they now have a home at this permanent institution that
has become a beacon to artists and audiences of color. We celebrated our
journey to that goal at this special performance. NATE JACOBS
In February, the community celebrated the opening of the Gerri Aaron & the
Aaron Family Foundation Theatre Building, with performances in the Donelly
Theatre by troupe members and Stage of Discovery students. The renovated
building also features a new black box space, the Howard J. Millman Theatre;
a beautiful expandedlobby; expanded restrooms; state-of-the-art cast
dressing rooms and gathering spaces; and a second floor for costume shop,
band room, scenery and prop storage. In addition, we have joined our two
buildings with a welcoming courtyard and fountain that unexpectedly has
becomeour outdoor stage during the pandemic. The courtyard was well
used this summer as the setting for ourStage of Discovery music video and
is being used in our 2020–2021 season for our Light Up the Night concert
series. All of this was made possible by generous donors to WBTT’s Heart &
Soul Capital Campaign.
D ream s do come true !
American Roots: The Gospel Experience,
a WBTT/Key Chorale collaboration, was
performed for a total of 1,200 people
at three churches throughout Sarasota
A video of American Roots: The Gospel
Experience was streamed for ticket
buyers. In addition, a video interview
featuring WBTT Founder & Artistic
Director Nate Jacobs and Key Chorale
Artistic Director Joseph Caulkins
discussing the timeliness of the concert’s
message of hope and racial unity was
showcased on the websites of both arts
at the SaraSota opera houSe
WBTT performed A
Motown Christmas for
6,500 patrons over six
nights — our Christmas
card to the community,
presented every other
year, alternating with Black
Nativity. Thanks to our
friends at the Sarasota
Opera House, our home
away from home, for
hosting these special
shows in 2018 and 2019.
The musical Caroline, or Change
was the first show staged in WBTT’s
newly renovated theatre building.
More than 8,000 patrons saw the
In some ways, the musicalCaroline,
or Changeis a perfect show to open
the newly renovated Westcoast Black
Theatre Troupe’s Gerri Aaron and the
Aaron Family Foundation Theatre
Building. The ambitious, intellectually
stimulating and touching musical
is all about change and growth.
That suits the status of a company
that has emerged from its modest,
nomadic beginnings to become
an integral part of Sarasota’s arts
scene, now with the comfortable
Donelly Theatre as a new home for
WBTT’s production of Vinnette Carroll’s Your Arms Too Short to Box with
God celebrated the groundbreaking career of the first African American
woman to direct a Broadway show. The musical is a souful retelling of the
Easter story from the Book of Matthew.
The entire ensemble is an answered prayer. When they sing together,
you feel the energy in the room. Your Arms too Short is a master class in
song and dance. This show is colorful, loud and proud. From the opening
number to the final song, you’ll be glad you witnessed this inspirational
Originally scheduled to run through April 5, the show closed earlier than
planned due to COVID-19. The remainder of WBTT’s regular 2019–2020
season was eventually canceled, as the nation and the world reacted to
the pandemic.
Celebrating His Legacy
in Spoken Word and Song
Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass:
A Walk To Respect
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr:
Celebrating His Legacy in Spoken
Word and Song, an annual tribute to
the civil rights icon, was presented
at Booker High School. WBTT
singers and dancers performed
anthems of the movement, and Rev.
Charles S. McKenzie Jr. read the
moving words of Dr. King.
A Walk to Respect, a collaboration
with The Patterson Foundation and
WBTT Voices, was presented at
Sarasota and Bradenton venues. The
play reading showcased the historic
relationship between President
Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist
Frederick Douglass. A video of
the play is being streamed by The
Patterson Foundation with online
discussions to encourage viewers
to explore this historic relationship
and to encourage dialog and
understanding of racial issues that
still resonate today.
Derric Gobourne Jr. presented
his high-energy Young Artist
Program, The Greatest Entertainer,
featuring guest singers and
dancers, original songs and popular
music that inspired his career, and
exuberant choreography.
WBTT’s Young Artist Program,
created in 2012, allows developing
artists to create a showcase for their
talents. Over the years, 14 young
performers presented programs that
helped fund their college expenses
and artistic projects.
The Supercilious Seed
EDUCATION PROGRAMS WBTT’s touring education program —
Jazzlinks, a collaboration with the Jazz Club of Sarasota, Sarasota County
Schools and EdExplore SRQ — presented a program about the history of the
Harlem Renaissance and the Great Migration to local high schools.
Elementary school groups visited WBTT for performances of Rhythm & Tales:
The Supercilious Seed.
A mostly virtual Stage of Discovery
summer musical theatre intensive
program welcomed middle and high
school students, who took classes via
Zoom in acting, dance and other theatre
disciplines. The program culminated in
a video streamed on the WBTT website,
highlighting the talents of students
and alumni as they performed five
inspirational songs outdoors on our
A rescheduled and virtual April Fools Féte:
An Evening with Sheldon Rhoden & Friends
was streamed to benefit WBTT’s education
programs. The online event, which featured
Sheldon and guests performing Marvin Gaye
songs, raised over $40,000 from ticket buyers
and sponsors. Virtual attendance included 167
households, exceeding our usual number of
guests for the in-person version.
WBTT streamed
a video of the
summer 2018
production of
Rockin’ Down
Fairytale Lane, an
original musical
created and
directed by Nate
Jacobs. The video
version received
more than 200
household views,
proving once
again that
a live stage
performance can
live “happily ever
after” on video!
Beyond Our Current Challenges  WBTT Reimagined  I am so excited and proud of what happened during the five years I was Cha...
Beyond Our Current Challenges  WBTT Reimagined  I am so excited and proud of what happened during the five years I was Cha...
Janet & Phil Cady
Liza & Carl Caruso*
Dr. Eldi & Denise Deschamps
William A. Dooley PA
Attorney at Law
Charmaine Downie & Carl Battle*
Jack & Debbie Duncan
Mitchell & Dawn Epstein
William & Sandra Farrow
Ping Faulhaber
Linda A. Fiorelli
Jim & Angela Freeman*
Ron Gault & Charlayne
Kofi Glover
Jennifer Goichman
Michael & Joan Gray
Gulf Coast Community Choir
Werner & Karen Gundersheimer
Bob & Gail Hetler
Joel Howard & J. Tracy Tucker
Donald & Doris Johnson*
Judith Kahn
Steven Kalt & Robert Heeren*
Gerald & Nancy Kaplan*
The Abe & Catherine Kaplan
Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish
Community Foundation of
Greater Kansas City
Karp Family Foundation
Valda Kaye
James & Pauline Kennedy
Alan & Abbie Kurland*
Margie Nellum Lee*
The Lewis Foundation &
Bob & Sue Coyne*
Tom & Diane Mahan
Meadows Dental, Drs. Porter,
McCabe & Zamora*
Dale & L. Kristin Menard
Michael & Cathy Milam
Gloria Moss*
Bob & Andi Munzer*
Martha Murphy & Kathy Holmok*
Daniel Nalven &
Barbara Jacobs-Nalven
Northern Trust*
Dorothy O’Brien & Dick Antoine
John Michael Page &
Debra Flynt-Garrett
Paige Petersen & Curtis Jordan
Roger & Alisa Pettingell*
Patricia Potter
Irwin & Andra Press
Don David Price & Marcia Wood
Barbara Raphael
Martin & Iris Rappaport*
Denise & Mike Riebe Foundation
Mike Rosario & RoseBay
Dr. Bob & Beth Scheible
Christine Schlesinger*
Ken Schneier & Cynthia Craig
Deb Shoss & Libbie Sherman
Eva T. Slane*
Hillary Steele*
Dr. Timothy Stephens*
Susan Straus*
Elizabeth Sublette
Mona Rankin
Kelley Rea
Mary Jo Reston*
Adie & David Rubin
Sam & Susan Samelson
David & Robin Shapiro*
Jerey & Barbara Shiver
Noel & Toby Siegel*
Antoinette Sijatz
Chris & Bob Stout
Marsha Svirsky
Jim & Charlie Ann Syprett
Peter & Fern Tavalin
Janet & Bruce Udell and The
Jewish Federation of Sarasota-
Janice Zarro
In Memory of Bobby Wood
Ronald & Geri Yonover
Mary Zabin*
Larry & Sandra Zellner
Robert & Mary Fran Allen
Constance Anderson*
Arts & Cultural Alliance of
Sarasota County
Donald & Cathy Baillie*
Michael Baugh
Philip & Ramona Bradley
Susan Buck*
Duane & Karen Compton*
Sherry & Peter Cooper
George & Bonnie Cummings*
Henry Danielson
Lisa Flam & William Corin
Sherry & Howard Davis
Frank & Barbara Fleischer*
Bill & Joyce Fletcher
Herman & Wanda Gilbert*
Gary & Bernice Giscombe
Mervin Hayman
Henry & Kitty Heusner*
Kenneth & Castella Hill*
Beatrice Holt
Dale Horwitz*
James Hunter
Toby Kaulkin
Drs. Marsha Kindall-Smith &
Hugh Smith*
Eve Kommel
Cathy Langlois
Drs. James & Carolyn Lassiter*
Bruce Lehman
Lucie & David Lapovsky
Melvy Erman Lewis
Kate Lorenze
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lublin
Richard Macek*
Alison & Howie Madsen
Manasota ASALH
William & Elaine McClure
Lana & Mark McGorry*
Dr. Allen & Roberta Morton
Gunter & Anita Mrotzek
Alan & Sunny Pervil*
Ann Hobson Pilot & Prentice
Carol Proctor
Henri & Marilyn Quintal*
Dennis Rees & Felice Schulaner*
Lee Roper-Batker
Laurie Rosin*
Willie & Coralease Ru*
Russell Stephens
Jane Traub
Joel & Phyllis Tropp*
Salten Weingrod Family Fund
at the Rhode Island Foundation
Chuck & Sheila Weiss*
Robert & Judithann Zack
Dr. Philip & Charlotte Zweifach
Norman & Christine Abbott
Francine Achbar
Deborah Adler
Carol & Steve Altaker
Jan Amara
Nancy Amberson
Florette Ames
Heather Annaloro
Richard & Carolyn Ansted
Linda Aronson
Carol Arscott
Laurel Ash
Lurline Aslanian
Steven Astren
Dr. Edward & Carol Axelrod
Richard Babcock
Howard Baker
Janet Baker
Dr. Bruce & Eleanor Ballard
In Memory of Audrey Coleman
Nixon & Jackie Barker
Gary Barrack
Blanche Barresi
Henry & Phyllis Battie*
Caren Beattie
Roger Beaudry
Carole Beebe
Karen Bell
Sheila & Ron Bellamy
Richard Bell & Marie Pogozelski
Fae Belo
Herb & Rhoda Beningson
Suzy & Barry Benjamin
John Bennett
Patricia Benson
Peter Bentley
Emil & Alice Beran
Richard & Charlotte Berman*
Michael & Suzanne Berndt
Myron Bernstein
Celeste G. Betjemann
Michael Billie
Jerry & Harriett Billops
Linda & Allan Birdy*
Neal & Pat Bitcon
Paul Blankman
Corinne Demas Bliss &
Matthew Roehrig
Cookie Bloom*
Howard & Josephine Bloom
Linda Bodycomb
Joy Bogacz
Janice Bolt
Carole & Gary Booher
Kirt & Mary Bopp*
Joseph & Susan Boston*
Patricia Bourke
Arthur Boyd
Susan Boyd
Patricia Boyer
Veronica Brady
Barbara Brainard*
Helen Braun
Maura Breen
Catie Briggs
Sandra & Ken Brinker
Sandra Brophy
Dorothea & Robert Brown*
Francine Brown
John & Barbara Brugel
William Brumm
Patricia Buck
Henry Bundles & Helen Baker
Frank & Kathleen Burke
Kevin & Gail Burke
Rebecca Burns
Janet Burtnett
Bob & Earlene Burton
Elizabeth Burton
Valerie Busby
Carol Butera in Honor of
the WBTT Sta
Paula Butler
Marie Calvanico
David & Sandy Campbell
Stephen Cantees
Thomas & Christina Carlberg
Judy Carnal
James & Clemmie Cash
Marie Casner
John Casson
Gil Castro
Robert & Carole Catineau
Joyce Cekander
Patricia & Steven Cerefice
Chris & Laura Chaee
Alan Chalfin
Gail Chase
Vicki Chatley
Diane Chechik-Temple*
Michael & Vivian Chester
Eileen Chiantella
Merle Chorba
Patricia Chotin
Linda Cipriano
Joseph Clark
Willie Clemons
Mary Jane Colen
Frank Cook
Catherine Cooper
Cheryl Cooper
Ron Cooper
Aubert & Sandra Coran
Luz Corcuera
Tom & Margaret Costello
Robert & Kitty Coston
Jake Cranor
Luke Cranor
Michael Crockett
Jeremiah Cronin
William Cross
Squire & Karen Daniels
Jessica Dantonio
Raymond Davies
Helene Davis
Kim Davis*
Mary Davis
Joseph & Phyllis Defrancesco
Donald Dembo
Donald Deneen
Kathleen Denning
Julius & Audrey Deren
Robert & Christine Deutsch
Richard & Linda Diamond
Nancy Dillard*
Andrew Dixon
Linda Dockendorf
Maureen Donnelly
Thalia Dorwick
Ronald & Roberta Dow*
William Dunbar
David Durr
Robert & Catherine Eberley
Bruce Eberlin & Charles Kelley*
Linda & John Elli
Martin Entler
Lorene Erikson
Nancy Ernst
Thomas Everitt
Helene Fagin
Peter & Barbara Farren
Kathleen Faught
Eugene & Bobbie Fergione
Scott & Cady Ferguson
Izetta Fields
Robert & Cheryl Finger
Sandy Fink
Dan Finkleman
Edward & Carol Fisch
Paula Fishman & Je Sindelar
Sandy Fishman
Robert & Jacqui Fitzgerald
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Dr. Warren & Rosalind Foer
Mike & Judy Fogarty
William & Dolores Fogel
Marc & Karen Fors
Shirley Foss
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Gerald Fox
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Fradle Freidenreich
Paul Freiwald
Ronald Fricke
Howard & Carole Friedman
Jerey & Patricia Friedman
Betty Frostad
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Melissa Furman
Nancy & Peter Gaess
Lonnetta Gaines
Lawrence & Elizabeth Gallick
Susan Galvin
Paree Sekeris Gardner
Steven Garfinkle
Linda Garvin
Judy Gelman
Robert Germain
Ravi Ghai
Gerald & Delores Gibbs
Jacqueline Giddens
Peter Giftos
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Gene & Ann Ginsberg
Linda Glover
Jane Glusman
Tikisha Gobourne &
Derric Gobourne Jr.
David Gold
Howard & Sandra Goldberg
Judy Goldberg
Norma Goldberg
Roz Goldberg*
Alan Goldbloom
Jim & Sandy Goldman
Richard & Ruth Goldman
Beth Goldsmith
Michael Goldsmith
Richard Goodman
Leigh & Michael Gordon
David & Susan Gorin
Ken Gorman
Al Gossweiler
William Gotwald Jr.
Stephen & Elaine Graham
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Barbara & Merrill Greenberger
James & Ellen Greenberger
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Kathleen Grogan & Mark Grebler
Drs. Harriet & Edward Grood
David & Whitney Groom
Jo Ellen & Stephen Grossman*
Rose Gschwendtner
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Maureen Hager
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Christine Jennings & Judy Cuppy
in Memory of Bobby Wood
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Network for Good
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Honor of Meredith Setzman
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Dr. & Mrs. Paul Weiner
Edgar & Yvonne Weinsberg
Joseph Weinstock
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Alan & Judith Wertheimer
Rita Wessan
John & Barbara West
Wexler Family Foundation at the
Community Foundation of
Sarasota County
Richard & Joanne White
James Wicklund
Conrad & Wendy Wicks
Ella Williams
Roberta Wladis
Carol Wolf
Barry & Annette Wolfe
Fremajane Wolfson
Jerry & Carol Wood*
Robert & Mary Woods
Barbara Zdravecky*
in Honor of Brock Leach
Lawrence Zeigler
Nicholas Zennario
Frank & Anita Zimmerman*
Mike & Gail Zinn*
Milton & Lois Zussman
Philanthropic Fund
Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe is pleased to recognize our
legacy donors as our “Friendship Train.” These donors have
indicated in writing that WBTT is included in their estate plans.
We are so grateful to them for ensuring that WBTT will touch
the lives of young artists, students and patrons long into the
future. If you would like to consider jumping on board, contact
Julie Leach, Executive Director, at 941-366-1505.
Bankston Family Trust
Carol & Tom Beeler
Dan Denton
Michael & Suzanne Gladfelter
Ronald Greenbaum
Len Gumley
Marilyn Harwell
Bob Johnson
Darlene J. Kalada
& Richard N. Bryan
Penelope Kingman
Lynne Koy
Alan & Abbie Kurland
Rose Marie Proietti
Laurie Rosin
Eva T. Slane
Realizing the financial
barriers that aect
many students’ choices
about post-secondary
education, in 2019,
WBTT’s Board created
a scholarship fund for
students who have
performed on our
stages, been a WBTT
intern or attended our
WBTT Chair of the Board Doris Johnson (front left), Founder and Artistic Director Nate Jacobs (front
right) with 2020 scholarship recipients (clockwise from left) Maicy Powell, Aleah Williams, Todd Bellamy II,
Jatavian Peterson, Ariana Fitzgerald and Charlotte Corporan.
Stage of Discovery
theatre intensive
summer program. The
scholarships are for
studying performing arts
in a college, university
or conservatory
program. In 2019, our
first year, we were able
to award six $1,000
scholarships and, with
growth in donations to
the program in 2020,
we were able to award
six $2,000 scholarships.
Students are eligible for
their first and continuing
years of study; all the
students who received
our scholarships are
continuing their studies.
WBTT’s Artist
Development Fund,
established in 2018,
oers the opportunity
for organizations or
individuals to support
our young artists as
they hone their skills
and pursue professional
opportunities. The
sponsorships have a
direct impact on our
ability to mentor and
develop these creative
individuals, through
supportive funding
of degree programs,
career development
opportunities such
as travel to auditions,
and funding for
professional headshots
and other expenses
that advance artists’
careers and educational
development. WBTT
welcomes donations to
this fund at any level
and oers naming
opportunities for a
three-year pledge of at
least $2,000 per year
or a one-time gift of
$50,000 or more.
$1,000,000 AND UP
Gerri Aaron & the Aaron
Family Foundation
Enthusiastic Friends of WBTT
Andrew and Judith Economos
State of Florida Division of
Cultural Aairs
Steve & Terry Clark
Norbert & Ann Donelly
Shelley & Sy Goldblatt
Brock & Julie Leach
Howard Millman & Carolyn Michel
Edward D. and Anna Mitchell
Family Foundation
Frank Petralito
William G. & Marie Selby
Eva T. Slane
Ali & Gloria Bahaj
Brunckhorst Family
Kitty & John Cranor
The Frank E. Duckwall Foundation
Dr. Philip & Suzan Gaynes
Huisking Foundation
Elizabeth Moore
Drs. Joel and Gail Morganroth
Marian Moss
Jack & Priscilla Schlegel
Dona & Sam Scott Foundation
Paul Welch
Robert & Jean Zabelle
Clemmie & James Cash
Michael & Karen Gardiner
Giving Challenge 2018
(Community Foundation of
Sarasota County & The Patterson
Kenneth & Sarah Goldblatt
Alfred Goldstein &
Jean Weidner Goldstein
Marilyn & James Heskett
William & Elizabeth Johnston
Jay & Becky Kaiserman
Penelope Kingman
George Kole & Judy Zuckerberg
David Kotok, Cumberland
George & Janet Miles
Harry Sudako Foundation
Roberta L. Sudako Foundation
Dr. Bernard & Lois Watson
The Lee Wetherington Foundation
of the Community Foundation of
Sarasota County
The Wright Foundation
Douglas & Carolyn Anderson
Bankston Family Trust
Alfonso & Brenda Belsito
In Memory of Carol Poteat-
Buchanan and Carroll Buchanan
from Black & White Makes My
Music Right
Abraham & Annette Cohen
Warren & Margot Coville
John & Geraldine Gibbs
Earl & Carolyn Glenn Foundation,
Burt & Liz Gold
Ron & Rita Greenbaum
Werner & Karen Gundersheimer
Tomeika Hunter-Koski
Amb. Jeanette Hyde
Donald & Doris Johnson
Robert & Barbara Johnson
Dr. John & Eilene Maupin
Dr. Randall & Karen Morgan
Bob & Andi Munzer
David Pomier & Linda Knox
Drs. Donald & Deborah Reaves
Mary Ann Robinson
Michael Saunders
Kenneth Schneier & Cynthia Craig
Lynn Wentworth
Robert & Angelia Wood
Jacquelyn Woods
Cheryl Anderson & Mike Springer
Bank of America Client
Carol & Tom Beeler
Bobbi & Don Bernstein
Helga & Jerry Bilik
Linda & Jim Bodycomb
Mr. & Mrs. Burton C. Borgelt
Marty & Barbara Bowling
Miles & Barbara Capron
Bob & Carol Carter
The Lawrence P. Castellani Family
Foundation — Larry & Joan
Vernon & Liliana Chalfant
Charmaine Downie & Carl Battle
Leon & Marge Ellin
William & Sandra Farrow
Tom & Nancy Flanagan
Gamma Xi Boule Foundation, Inc.
Charles & Jean Gorham
Len Gumley
Thank you to everyone who made our Heart & Soul Capital Campaign
a success! Because of your generosity, we exceeded our $8 million goal
and raised over $8.7 million! Your dollars have allowed us to transform
our campus into a cutting-edge theatre arts center and begin
to build an endowment that will ensure the long-term funding
of our facilities, programs and mission.
Benjamin & Judith Handelman
Marilyn Harwell
Nancy & Roger Hitchcock
Dr. Jaih & Kimberly Jackson
Ed Keon & Pat Kennelly
Alan & Abigail Kurland in Memory
of Joshua David Kurland
Joan Mathews
Gloria Moss
Fred Murrell
Debbie & Bill Partridge
Richard Perlman
Paige Petersen & Curtis Jordan
Roger & Alisa Pettingell
Jim & Jan Pullen
Alice Rau
Marta Riordan & Jim Boyle
R.G. & N.C. Robb
Sack Family Foundation
Robert & Hedria Saltzman
Dr. Charlotte Page Scarbrough
Bob & Teresa Simmons
G. Richard & Elizabeth Thompson
Glenn & Jackie Tilton
Susan & Charles Wilson
Sally Yanowitz
Ravi & Virginia Akhoury
Peg Allen & Steve Dixon
Mrs. Connie Anderson in Memory
of Rev. Jesse F. Anderson Jr.
Jock Andrews
Scott B. & Annie P. Appleby
Charitable Trust
David & Suzanne Arch
Hon. Dennis W. Archer &
Hon. Trudy Duncombe Archer
George & Jessica Armstrong
Shari & Steve Ashman
Ann Babcock
Adele Fleet Bacow
John & Maria Bartlett
Walton & Deborah Beacham
Family Fund
James & Lynette Bennett
Carolyn Blum
Daniel & Litten Boxser
Murray Bring & Kay Delaney
Dr. Francine Brown
Susan Buck
Ann Stuart Burroughs
Kathy & Michael Bush, Home
William & Debra Buttaggi
Janet & Phil Cady
Canandaigua National Trust
Liza & Carl Caruso
Chris & Patricia Caswell
Joyce CeKander Michael Chafee
Dave & Elaine Charney
Dale Horwitz Clayton
Martin Cohen
Juanita Cooke
Thomas & Dana Cunningham
Jerome & Cynthia Davis
Dr. Eldi & Denise Deschamps
Amy & Michael Drake
Dianne E. Earley
Josephine Eisenberg
Dawn & Mitchell Epstein
Paul Firestone
Shari & Norman Frost
Tom & Barbara Gardner
Bernice & Gary Giscombe
Francine Goldberg &
Harriet Leyden
David & Susan Gorin
Rev. Larry & Dr. Dorothy Green
Rose Gschwendtner
Kathie Hayes
Ralph & Leita Hughes
Ted & Jean Ingersoll
Nate Jacobs
Christine Jennings
Jorgen & Esther Jensen
Darlene Kalada
Abe & Catherine Kaplan
Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish
Community Foundation of Greater
Kansas City
Jerry & Nancy Kaplan
Carolyn Keystone & Jim Meekison
Lynne Koy
jim lampl
Margie Nellum Lee
The Lewis Foundation &
Bob & Sue Coyne
Pearson & Pepper Liddell
Alison & Howard Madsen
Marie McKee & Robert Cole
Dale & Kristin Menard
Dr. Allen & Roberta Morton
Daniel & Barbara Nalven
John Michael Page &
Debra Flynt-Garrett
George & Sarah Pappas
Chuck & Nancy Parrish
Don David Price & Marcia Wood
Rose Marie Proietti
Mona Rankin
Mary Jo Reston
Flori Roberts
Mike Rosario &
RoseBay International, Inc.
RoseBay, Becky Culp &
Jackie Woods
The Hugo Roth Family Fund
Michael Shelton Antoinette Sijatz
Hon. Warren & Dr. Evelyn Silver
Don & Jan Smally Fund at the
Community Foundation of
Sarasota County
Chuck Smith
Dr. Hugh S. Smith &
Dr. Marsha Kindall-Smith
Ian & Leslie Smith
Linda Steinberger
Dr. Timothy Stephens
Wendy Surkis & Peppi Elona
Dr. Ray & Fran Taylor
Eva Thomson & David
Artzerounian in Memory of
Julian Olf
Beverlyn Truehart
Troy & Sydney Turner
Suzanne Walter
Gary & Kim Warren
Dr. Charles & Sheila Weiss
Bene & Joyce White
David G. & Lois B. Wilkins
Bliss & MaryAnne Young
Anita & Frank Zimmerman
UP TO $2,499
Actor’s Equity Foundation, Inc.
James Akers
Jane Albaum
Stuart & Cecile Alexander
Janice Amara
James Amato
Eladio & Judith Amores
Judith H. Anderson
William & Vicki Anderson
Carmelita Anson-Brown
Marc Antis
Bruce J. Ardinger
Carol Arscott
Michael Arum
Lurline Aslanian
Julia Atlas
Cathy & Donald Baillie
Dr. Marvin & CarolAnn Baker
Denise Baker
Elizabeth Baker
Janet Baker
Pamela Baker
Kimberly Bald
Richard & Susan Banks
Bev & Bob Bartner
Bill & Caroline Beall
Caren Beattie
Maxine A. Becker
Marianne Beckett
Carole Beebe
Helen Beggun
Richard Belle
Barbara Benjamin
Barbara Bennett
Peter & Marlene Bentley
Rosalind Bergman
Al Besse
Celeste G. Betjemann
Charles Beye
Terry Black
Audrey Blackwell
Beverly Blair & Reginald Crosby
Barbara Blanchard
Cookie Bloom
Ariel Blue
Carolyn Blum
Henry Blyden
Lawrence Bold
Ann Bolich
Bobbie & Steven Bordes
William & Cynthia Bouman
Arthur Boyce
Robert Bradbury
Judith Brady
Annette Breazeale
Elizabeth Bredemeyer
David Brenner
Sandra Brinker
Elizabeth Brookins
Rob Brown
Dorothea Brown
Judy Bua
Ken & Janis Bumgarner
Susan Burke
Valerie Busby
Beverly Byers-Pevitts &
Robert Pevitts
Ellen Campbell
Claudia Cardillo
Kathleen Case
Jody Castano
Patricia Cerefice
J.R. Chandler
Vicki Chatley
Kathryn Chesley
Jan Chester
Michele Chinskey
Dorian Kingman Chong &
Gordon Chong
David Chrobak
Samuel Citron
Anneda Clarke
George Cloud
Barbara Cocchi
Norma & Albert Cohen
Bill & Audrey Coleman
Neal Colton
Elizabeth & Richard Conard
Nancy Connelly
Jill Considine
Paul Constan
Mary Conway
Janice Cook
Ron & Cheryl Cooper
Luz Corcuera
Lydia & Jack Corn
Harriet Cowan
Carole Crosby
Judy Cuppy
Francis Curd
Lora Curley
Maureen & Ron Curtin
F. Lowell Curtis
Geraldine Cushman
Rosemary Dalgleish
Robert & Nancy Daniels
John & Edy Davies
Raymond Davies
Kay Davis
Mary E. Davis
Douglas & Dianne Delong
Corinne Demas
in Memory of Julian Olf
Donald Deneen
Daniel Denton
Toby Deutsch
Anita Devine
Nancy Dillard
Sara Beth Dilworth
Lori Dorman
Gary & Carol Dornbush
Tekla Dragan
Steve Duke
Doug & Willie Eden Family Fund
of the Minneapolis Foundation
Roger & Sally Eron
Wilma Ellis
Robert Endres
Anna Lee Ernst
Nancy Ernst
David & Eileen Eskin
George Evans
Thomas Everitt
Scott Evers
Erika Faulk
Barbara Feldman
Fellow Travelers
in Memory of Ian Smith
Scott & Cady Ferguson
Bobbie Fernander
Amy Ferrell
Judy Fiala
Gerard Finegan
Sandra Fink
Berta Finkelstein
Paula Fishman
Carolyn Fitzpatrick
Frank Fleischer
Vincent & Teresa Foderingham
Richard Foltz
Mary Foushi
Herbert Fox
Joan Fox
D Franklin
Linda Franklin
Sharon Franklin
Dr. Paul Freiwald
Kim French
Connie Friess
Carmel Frost
Roseann Gaglio
Lonnetta Gaines
Elaine Gallinaro
Susan Galvin
Linda Garvin
Frances Gaston
Margaret Gat
Ron Gault &
Charlayne Hunter-Gault
Karen Geck
Paul Geck
Diana Geiss
Norbert Geiss
Gerald J. Genova
Abby & Rich Gerrity
Pamela Giacomini
Joanna Glass
Mary Glidden-Williams
Paul & Rita Glosser
Jane Glusman
David & Terri Goldbloom
David Goldman
Bill & June Gordon
Sue M. Gordon
Kathleen Gossweiler
Stephen Graham
Robert & Flo Grant
Milton Grebler
Thomas & Sandra Green
Merrill Greenberger
Marvin Greene
Barbara Grossman
Jo Ellen & Stephen Grossman
Susan Grossman
Cindy Guest
Judy Guinn
Elizabeth Hall
Carol Ann Hallinger
Gerald & Deborah Hamburg
Janet & Mark Hamm
Susannah Hammersley
Daphne & James Hanrahan
Dave & Jane Hanrahan
Lorna Hard
Pria Elizabeth Harmon
Nancy Harris
Margaret Harrison
Diane & Carole Hart-Tufaro
Margaret Hausberg
Felice & George Hedge
Marjorie Henry
Dr. Kenneth & Mitzie Henson
Susan & William Herring
Alfred J. Herschede &
E. Marcia Sheridan
Anne & Dan Heyns
Albert & Carolyn Higgins
Roger Hilfiker & Evelyn Delph
Richard Hilton
Pamela Hindman
Rebecca Hines
Carol Hirschberg
Margaret Homan
Ann Hogg
Roy Hoke
Robert & Jean Honor
Patricia Houppert
Doris Howard
Karen Howe
Rhea Hughes
Jean Hurd
Joseph Hurd
Margaret Ida
Sue Jacobson
Joey James
Susan Jasin
Rob Johnson
Robert Johnson
Wayne Johnson
James Joiner
Barbara Green Jones &
Roosevelt Jones
Lynn Jones
James Jurick
Deborah Kalb
Maggie Kaplan
Barbara Katz
B.R. Katzmire
Elaine Keating
Marie & Jim Keeney
Kennedy Family Fund
Susan Kennedy
Linda Kerbawy
Marie J. Kilker
Laura Kingsley
Sarah Kirk
Marlene Kitchell
Louise Klain
Paul & Mary Klee
Sandra Kligman
David Kline
Bill & Kate Korp
Ellen Kramer
Joel Kramer
William Kraus
Nancy Krohngold
Sharon Kunkel
Elizabeth LaFrance
Gail Lagace
Luann Lamp
Robert & Edith Lane
Chuck & Cathy Langlois
Pamela Langlois
Sophia LaRusso
Gerald Law
Arthur B. Lawrence
Joshua Leach
Sharon Leber
James Ledbetter
Wendy & Stuart Lefkowich
Nicholas & Jean LeGrand
Terry L. Leland
Leonard & Kathleen Lesjak
Dawn Lewis
Helen & John LiMarzi
Lloyd Lininger
Jeremy Lisitza
Mary Litle
William Little
Joyce Locklear
Jerry Long
Anne Loomer
Kathleen Lorenz
Peter & Peggy Lowndes
Elizabeth Lucchesi
Delores Lustig
Dorothy L. Lutter
Judy Lynch
Jill Lyons
R. Andrew & Ruth B. Maass
Bruce & Irene Mackler
Deborah Mackler
Nilda Mager
Peter Magnuson
Dixie Mahan
Donald N. Malawsky
Geri Jo Manson
Pamela Marble
Deborah Margolis
James & Ellen Marsey
Judy Marsh
Richard & Debby Marshall
Sally Marshall
Alyce Martin
Barbara Mason
Gary & Lynn Massel
Judith Massey
Angela Mathis
Gregory & Lorraine Matthews
Maureen Matthews
Walt & Gerry Mattison
Elaine May
Stephen & Nancy Mayer
Kathy McAllister
Maria McCabe
Gregory & Hannah McDaniel
Gerald & Dorothy McFarland in
Memory of Julian Olf
Lana & Mark McGorry
Sandra McHenry
Dr. Lou Bertha McKenzie-Wharton
& Dr. Richard G. Wharton
Wilda Meier
Stephen Meuler
Deborah Miller
Lawrence & Shirley Miller
Joyce Mink
Sandra Montgomery
Clement & Kristin Moorman
Douglas Moppert
Sue Moreland
Jo Morello
Sigrid Moriece
Joel & Beverly Morrison
Sandra Moser
Meg Moskovitz
Gunter Mrotzek
Carolyn Muno
Michael Nash
Loretta Naylor
Lovella Naylor
Steven Neumeister
Francine Newman
Janice Newman
Rochelle Nigri
Bernice Niss
Nancy O’Neil
Alan Orenberg
Sandra & Ray Orlandi
Margaret & Wiley Osborn
Hellen Osorio
Bob Otterberg
Dale Otterman
Anand Pallegar
Mark Palombo
Debra Park
Pauline Parrish
Michael Pasquini
Richard & Carleen Payne
Dolores Penn
Joseph Penn
Betsy Pennewill
Richard Pereira
Debra Peters
William Peterson
Deborah Grace Phelps
Neil Foster Phillips
Donna Pickup
Julie A. Planck
Frank & Jeanette Planes
Marie Pogozelski
Nancy Pollock
Henry Porter
Linda Poteat-Brown
Mary L. Pree
Rebecca Preston
Kimberly Proctor
Linda Pursley
Ann Quackenbush
Wayne Quimby
Marilyn Quintal
Sharon Radakovich
Kathleen Raskin
Sally Rauch
Dr. Jacqueline Ray
James Ray
Kelley Rea
Joan Reinebach
Mary Jo Reston
Rhode Island Community
Foundation, Salten Weingrod
Bob & Laurin Ripley
Susan Ritchay
Barry Robbins
Vancene Robenalt
Denise Roberts
Thorold Roberts
Milton & Sadie Robinson
Kimberly Roden
Ronne Rogin
James & Vicki Rollo
Harold Ronson
Jim Roque & Carla Malachowski
Donna Rose
Stephen & Wilma Rose
Dr. Ron & Roz Rosenthal
Judy & Ira Rosner
Nancy Roucher
Barbara Rowe
Patricia Rowe
Joyce E. Rubenstein
Lisa Rubinstein
Marilyn Runnels
Annie Russini
Dan & Jackie Russell
Jerey Ryder
David Sadkin
Arlene Salzberg
Ronald Saper
William Sarnat
Judy & John Savage
David Scarlett & Sandy Retter
Ronald & Gail Schimel
Patti Schimmel
Tobi Schneider
Leslie Schneiderman
Pamela Schroeder
Felice Schulaner & Dennis Rees
Sandra E. Scott
John Secor
Robert & Ann Segal
Ellen Seidensticker
in Memory of Julian Olf
David & Robin Shapiro
Jack Shapiro
Nancie-Lynn Sheldon-Martin &
David Martin
Ted & Susan Sherman
Jerey & Barbara Shivers
Debbie Shoss & Libbie Sherman
Leon Sickles
Christopher & Patricia Sileo
Frederic Silverman
Richard & Linda Silverman
Jean Simon
Jerome & Judith Singer
Elliot Sloan
Douglas Smith
Jerey Smith & Deborah Mix
Sandra K. Smith
George Sousa
April Speck-Ewer
Laurence & Dorothy Spelman
Anne Spratt
Barbara Squadere
Diane Stabile
Kim Stadlin
Willie M. Stanfield
Pat Steck
Anne Stein
Diane Steinbrink
Richard Stern
J. Alvin Stout III
Karen Stults
Arnold Sulton
Jane Summerville
Max Supica
Millard M Surrency
Valerie Sutter
Marilyn Sylvestre
Sonja Teasdale
Elaine Tedesco
Neville Thame
Thomson Financial
in Memory of Julian Olf
Diane Thorp
Richard & Mary Lou Thrush
Jane Traub
Bryan Troutman
George Troy
Michelle van Deventer
Gregory Vincent
Holly Vincent
Anthony Vlahides
Theodore Wagenaar
Bill Wagy Productions
Pam Waite
Elizabeth Wallace
Richard Walter
William Wartinbee
Nancy Weaver
MaryLou Webster
Mary Sue Wechsler
Karen Wehner
Jean Weiller
Hannah Weinberg
David & Edris Weis
Gail Welch
Susan Q. Wertman
Conni Wheeler
Bonnie Whisman
Susan Whitcomb
Jo Ann White
Sandra Whyte
Deana Widder
Lila Wol Wilkinson
Linda Williams
Susan Williamson
Cathy Wilson
Julie & Eric Wirtanen
Roberta Wladis
James & Ann Wolcott
Sheila Wolf
Robert Woods
Archer Wright
Lynn Wright
John Yahner
John Yahres
Lynne Yeannakis
Liz Yerkes
Janet K. Yoder
Jacqueline L. Young
Maryanne C. Young
Z Foundation
Thomas Zahn
Barbara Zdravecky
Linda & Sheldon Zelizer
Barbara Zelley
Ariel Blue
Development and Artist
Relations Associate
Annette Breazeale
Properties Designer
James “Jay” Dodge II
Production Manager/Music
Scott Ferguson
Marketing and
Communications Director
Debra Flynt-Garrett
Development Director
Donald Frison
Robert Grant
Finance Manager
Gerald Law
Facilities Custodian
Myllanna McKinnon
House Manager
Michael Mendez
Production Assistant/
Assistant to the Artistic
Eleanor Miller
Box Oce Manager
Juanita Munford
Production Stage Manager
Michael Pasquini
Resident Lighting Designer
Adrienne Pitts
Wardrobe Manager
Travis Ray
Associate Managing Director
Patrick Russini
Sound Engineer
Nate Jacobs
Founder & Artistic Director
Julie Leach
Executive Director
Shane Streight
Technical Director
Brennan Stylez
Assistant Music Director
Sorcha Augustine
Paula Murray, Artefact
Graphic Design
Sharon Kunkel,
Wordslinger Marketing & PR
Media Relations
Denise Roberts
Grants Consultant
Bill Wagy Productions
welcomING YoU all back
The Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe of Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.