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Forward goes my life

Goodness, it's flying by

How have I ended up here?

I feel unfulfilled

Just wasted it

“Knock knock” says time

“Let me in” shouts death

Moving toward the sun

“No no no!” I cry out


Peaceful at last





Tan, beautiful

Sleeping, talking, crying

An awful pattern




                                  Coffee Boy

His face is divine

His life is all blue

He makes me happy



                                         The Weeknd


Handsome, cool, deep, talented


Who loved music, girls, partying, wining, and smiling

Feared falling in love

Broke many records

Wanted to feel happy

Born Scarborough, Canada













Still small but still

              Growing kicking



                          Always hungry

     Awake when you're sleeping

                     Mommy wake up!


                  Listening to music










A flavor to please

Creatively created

Rolling around my tongue

Organic if you like

Salty if you like

Tasty all the same

I wish I had more



                               a lost love


My heart aches for you

My dreams are haunted by the ghost of you

I cry myself to sleep every night

I find myself begging to join you


Your laugh was music and your smile was gold

You smelled of lavender and chanel

Your company was always comforting

So kind and true


We will meet again in the dark or the light

We will embrace again and you will cry because I will be too

Our hearts will come back together again and we will be okay again

Stay lovely…



I love my flower

It is small and beautiful

It drinks sunlight

So many leafs and petals

A beauty all on its own


  a short list

I need to go shopping oh what will I buy?

Some dough, a roller, a wooden spoon, and a pie? Some butter, a tshirt and dye? A pickle for a nickle? Crackers and and cheese? An apricot to please?


          The  cat and the chicken

There was a grandma with a chicken

Who liked to talk all day

The cat stayed alickin

His fur all day

I don’t know how to do this.




Oh, how I’ve miss you, my love.


                             Katie and Rachel       



                               Blonde, pretty

                       Talking, laughing, dancing

                         Singing MJ, watching netflix

                          Crying, smiling, sleeping

                              Brunette, beautiful