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Andrew Moore 

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            I have never really been much of a reader, the truth be known, I hated reading. In grade school, I was forced to participate in the accelerated reader program. I had always viewed reading books the same as doing my homework. Books were something I read because I had to, not because I wanted to. Every year my school would sponsor a Scholastic Book Fair, and every year I would go and look at the books only because I got out of class to do it. The school would set up an elaborate display of books in the music room and would invite our parents and their pocketbooks to come take a look. The normally bleak music room was now filled with book selves. The walls were lined with many books, and posters to encourage reading were placed on any wall that remained clear. The book fair seemed to have every book imaginable; fantasy, science fiction, comics, non-fiction, children’s, biographies, but nothing ever looked interesting to me.  Then, during my sixth grade year, I was looking through the books like I normally did and finding nothing interesting, like I normally did. My parents, who are both strong readers, told me to find a book that looked interesting and try it in hopes of getting me to enjoy reading. I was just about done looking when a book caught my eye. The cover of the book was a dark picture of an old looking house with the silhouette of a man in the attic window.   The title of the book made the picture on the cover even more interesting, it was the “House of Dark Shadows.”   I was even more excited when I learned that the book was actually the first book in a series of three. The second book, “The Watcher in the Woods”, had a picture of a silhouette of another man, but standing on the edge of some trees. 

 The last book was titled “The Gatekeeper” and the cover featured a half open door with orange light pouring out from the other side. The reason these caught my attention was because of the creepy look. Horror stories had always been a genre that could keep my attention. I really like books that can make me scared. After checking to make sure that these books would count for an accelerated reader test I decided to give them a try.

          Once I began reading the first book, I discovered that the books were not horror stories but more of suspense and mystery stories. This series follows the generic old story of a mom who gets kidnapped and taken through a portal in the attic, and the family must rescue her. Despite how basic this plot is, there are many elements in it that made it easier for me to connect. The attic in the book is made to be a scary place. Growing up, there was a door to one of the attics in my house right behind the headrest of my bed. I had always been afraid of the door at night and this added even more of a creepy aspect to the book. I am also a big fan of science fiction. The whole concept of time travel is interesting to me so time travel being in this book made it even more exciting. As a result of me growing up playing video games, I would always want to go on adventures to new and exciting places. In the books, the main characters were constantly exploring new worlds through the portals so once again it connected with my life making the book easier to get into. 


             When I got home with the books, I immediately started reading the first book of the series. I read that book quicker than any book I had ever read before.  I could not put it down.  I begged my parents to let me stay up past my bedtime so that I could finish the last chapter.  I took the accelerated reader test the next day, and I got a perfect score on my first try. I could not wait to read the other two books in the series. Never before had I been so enthusiastic about reading. I read the whole series faster than I had read some individual books. The House of Dark Shadow books made me realize that reading can actually be fun and enjoyable. These books were also the first time I had ever read a book series. Before reading the House of Dark Shadow books, I only read stand alone titles, but I have since realized how much more I enjoy reading a book series. I like the continuous character and plot development that takes place in book series.  I have read book series such as Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and The Shadow Thief. Throughout my middle school career, up to this point, I always struggled with the accelerated reader program because I did not like to read. I would finish every quarter with just enough “AR points”, as they were called, to fill my quota. After this experience I began to get more points than necessary just because I wanted to read and the longer books I began reading were worth more points. Being able to read at a reasonable pace is an important skill in college. As a result of reading more, I developed quicker reading skills. Yet another positive effect of this book, mysteries, suspense and science fiction have all become my preferred book types.

 If I had never read the House of Dark Shadow books, my view on reading would be much different than it is today. As a result of reading more, I developed quicker reading skills. Yet another positive effect of this book, mysteries, suspense and science fiction have all become my preferred book types. If I had never read the House of Dark Shadow books, my view on reading would be much different than it is today.    


Young Andrew Moore hated reading, but his whole life gets changed one fateful day at the dreaded book fair. While mindlessly searching through shelves of uniteresting books, three books stand out above the rest. Experience the thrilling story of how these books made Andrew enjoy reading. Hear the stunning tale of how reading three obscure titles affected Andrew's reading skills for the rest of his life. 

"Wow, Andrew Moore's writing is amazing! I wish I could write as good as him." -Everyone 


"Great Book, I've already read it three times. I can't wait for the sequel." -Tony Stark