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Create awareness in people with campaigns that are supportive to tell you no to discrimination.

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The treatment of a person or particular group of people differently, in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated: Some immigrants were victims of discrimination. The law made racial discrimination in employment a serious crime. She claims she is a victim of age discrimination.

  •  AGE: It is one that is exercised against people who have an advanced or very short age, disparaging them in their physical and mental capacities, to perform some tasks and tasks.
  • DISABILITY: It is the type of discrimination suffered by persons who have a physical or mental disability, whether it is a congenital disability or caused by accident, illness or age, which prevents them from developing and working normally at work, school, Society or in life in general.
  • GENDER: Gender discrimination is one in which a person is denied a service, an opportunity, or access to a particular place, access to justice, medical care, unjustifiably alluding only to their gender, ( Can be a man or a woman)
  • NATIONAL ORIGIN: It is the type of discrimination suffered by those who do not originate in the country or place in which they reside, by those who were born in the country or have more seniority in it or in a specific place.



The discrimination is a serious problem and it is in us to change it.

The Discrimination is a bad trate which damages the integrity of the person affected

There are different types of discrimination but all affect in the same way and even worse:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • National origin
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation




Odalis Lozada R.

January, 27, 2017

11 Grade "A"


No to Discrimination.


  • RACE: Racial discrimination is characterized by the use of ethnic traits (commonly called racial traits), to classify those who possess other physical traits different from their own, as if they were inferior, physically, intellectually or morally, to those who are physically different
  • RELIGION: It is that done by some people or groups of people, against those who do not profess the same religion as them, that is to say, it is the one exercised by people or groups against those who have a religious belief different from his own.
  • SEXUAL ORIENTATION:It is one that is presented against people who have a different sexual tendency from the one of the others, is presented commonly by heterosexual people against people attracted sexually by people of the same sex, that is to say, against the masculine homosexuality ( Gay) and female homosexuality (lesbianism)


The discrimination we must face it and make us part of the change, we make more consciences and more love to the neighbor.