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It Can Wait Campaign

Brooke Thompson      June 29, 2017

The It Can Wait campaign launched in March of 2010 nationwide by AT&T to reach out to as many people as possible. Anyone can pledge online and join the viral movement to make the roads safer.


When and Where?

The mission of this campaign is to educate the public about the public about the dangers of texting and driving. AT&T  is encouraging people to make the pledge that they will not text and drive. People are able to take this pledge on the Campaigns website (

Mission Statement

AT&T's focus with this It Can Wait campaign was to create new ways to educate people about the risks of distracted driving. Not only did they have a website where people can pledge, they also created an It Can Wait app, on-the-ground events, a virtual reality simulator and advertisements that helped collect millions of pledges.


As a result of the It Can Wait campaign, texting and driving has been made illegal in 47 of 50 states!