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my favirito book is poetry, written by "Guadalupe Amor" 

better known as "Pita Amor" (1918-2000)
  • her name is "Poesía Imprescindible"
 His poems go beyond the social image and the public person in everyday Mexican life.
Poesía Imprescindible, this is an intimate work that seeks to explain itself in an autobiographical way with the author.
What strikes me is the way in which his poems evolve in a personal way, in how he speaks of "God" in order to know him in his representation, in the point that he speaks of the rhetorical form in the beginning and in the end he apologizes for have died of their existence
his poems are in me, influenced by the pain and death of the cross, they speak of anguish, banality, selfishness, the saturnine and melancholic personality of it predominates.

I recommend reading this book because its diversity in themes and complexity in the poems are completely captivating to the extent that you get to identify with some other part

one of the poems that I like the most is "decimas a dios"