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Did you know in less developed countries, 50% of food never reaches consumers 

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Did you know sugar is one of the most damaging substances that you can digest ? If consuming too much sugar it strongly affects your body! It can overload and damage your liver, it is addicted and if you eat more, you will gain weight! There is a possibilty that you will get a heart or kidney disease!  

Is sugar one of the oldest ingedients? Sugar is recognized can also be recognized as a drug as it contains effects on opiod pathway within the brain, the system that is manipulated by drugs similar to heroin and morphine. This is why people sometimes have high sugar rushes!

Is Sugar a drug?



Food Packaging



There is a variety of food packaging

being used at this moment, Some types

of food packaging will include:


 Glass                   Rigid Plastic   Paper

 Flextible Plastic   Tin                  Other MEtals


The importance of food packaging is to

protect our food from contamination,keep the product together to contain it,to be able to identify the food, and for protection when travelling with the food.


                                                      Using food packaing helps a lot of   

                                                      people carry food and contain it

                                                      for  long periods of time so the food

                                                      can stay safe and healthy!








  Fun Fact

Did you know that compants like

Mt Franklin is using thin plastic

for their water bottles.



Health Awareness!



Are you even aware of what you are eating most of the time, do you know how much sugar,calories,fat and indegrients are in your food products. How do you receive your food? Do you order, do you find it, do you pay for it or do you make it? How trust healthy is your food.

Cooking Nachos!

Making Pizzas!




Did you know that pizza means 

Creating Pasta!

Baking Cookies!