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Crow and her husban, Otis works at the soup kitchen. 

The soup kitchen is were crow and otis spent most of there life until they died at the end of the book.

Soup Kitchen

Crow and otis worked until dieing a week apart from each other

Sandy, turtles friend, was thought to of died at the Westing house due to crow giving him poisen.

Turtle took the dare to see who could stay in the westing house the longest before leaving. The longer that they stayed the more money they would get payed.

The westing house is where they found westing "dead"

Westing House

At the westing house Mrs. hoo confessed that she was the criminal stealing all off the people's items and returned them. Turtle let mrs hoo keep her mickey mouse clock.

Were they handed out the clues to find out who was the murder

Sandy convinced turtle and and Douge to go the westing mansion during halloween.

This is the building is were all of the people that are in the westing game live.

Hoos on first was located in sunset tower on the top floor above all of the apartments.

     Sunset Tower

The thief Mrs. hoo the bomber Angela Windlkopple and the killer live in sunset.

The coffee shop was located on the first floor of sunset tower.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodorakisown owned the cofie shop before they sold it to retire

The coffee shop was sold after Mr. and Mrs. Theodoric's retired and went to florida.

Cofie Shop

The first bomb went off in the kitchen.Mrs Theodoric's came out of the kitchen covered in tomato sauce form when the bomb exploded.


The coffee shop was more popular than the chinese restaurant before Mrs. Windkloppel took over hoo's on first.

Doug got first place in the 1600 meter run. All of his hard training running around payed off.

Doug got the record for the 1600 meters run. In the olympics


Doug gave his first place metal to his mom, mrs. hoo, because he say that she liked the look of the metal.

Mrs hoo where's her metal everywhere that he goes to show off that her son was the fastesr

Opened up 9 more stores after hoo's on first, hoo's on second, hoo's on third, hoo's on fourth, hoo's on fifth,hoo's on sixth, hoo's on seventh, hoo's on eighth, hoo's on ninth, and hoo's on tenth. hoo's on tenth is not doing too well due to the location.

Hoos on first was first owned by Mr. Hoo then was owned by Mrs Windkloppel

A lot of people came because mrs windkopple had it that all of the athletes would eat free. So ever one wanted to eat where the athletes ate so their was always a lot of people hoping that they could see an olympian.

Hoos on First

Known as a million dollar company due to all of the publisity of the people coming to the restarant.

Grace Windkloppel took over the business when mr. hoo decided to retire but he still owns the business.

The second bomb whent off here this made Mr. hoo seam unguilty of being the bomber.