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This Booklet Can Help You Survive On The Web


What To Do When On The Internet 

Freddy Lee


Digital Life 101

Aggregator-A program that collects items and displays them 

Blog- A updated website or webpage

Flaming-Is a online argument that includes profane or vulgar terminology

P2P-Means a group of computers each of which acts as a node for sharing files within a group 

Phishing- A technique use to gain information about identity theft

Podcast- A digital file made available on the internet for downloading 




Passwords Tips

1.Never give your password to anyone

2.Don't just use one password

 3. Create passwords that are easy to remember but hard for others to guess

4. Make a 8 character password

5. Don't post it in plain sight


Rule 1 Remember the human

Rule 2 Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life

Rule 3 Know where you are in cyber space

Rule 4 Respect other people's time and bandwidth 

Rule 5 Make yourself look good online

Protect Yourself Online

1. Review fraud tips

2. Recognize common scams stay ahead of fraudsters by learning to spot common scams 

3. Monitor your identity 

Digital Piracy 

Is the legal trade in software videos (DVD) and music and piracy occurs when someone other than the copyright hold copies of the product and resells it 








Social Media 

Tip 1 Use caution when you click links

Tip 2 Know what you've have posted

Tip 3 Don't trust that a message is really from who they say it's from

Tip 4 Choose your social media network carefully 

Tip 5 Think everything you post on social media site is permanent 




Is when a person uses a cell phone and a computer and a tablet to a attack someone on websites and chat


Rule 1 Think before you post

Rule 2 Keep your password a sercet from people

Rule 3 Think about who sees what you post online

Rule 4 Keep your parents in the loop

Rule 5 Talk to parents about messages that you get that make sad or scared