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History Facts

  • The Philippines were named after King Phillip II of Spain

  • The Philippines were a Spanish Colony for around 300 years

  • The first people there were hunters, and they learned to farm rice, and take care of farm animals. They traded with China in the  10th century

  • In 1521 people from Spain came to “conquer” the Philippines,


Current Issues (poverty):

  • Poverty rate has increased by 1.2% and is now 25.8%

  • Rapid rise in food prices ( for example: rice, and other grains)

  • 22% for registered filipinos

  • 8.1% of incomes are so low that the person can’t afford to feed themselves

  • In 2012 the poverty rate for families was 19% and now it’s at 17%, so in 3 years it went down 3%

  • That's 1% per year

  • 25% of the families are short on income, and can’t feed their families.


  • Their culture is very similar to the United States and Spain's, because the Philippines were under the colonization of these two countries at one point.

  • Their economy has gotten a lot better

  • Majority of the population is Christian, meaning they celebrate Christmas

  • Their nation sport is called arnis, which is a form of martial arts

  • Top agriculture, sugarcane, coconuts, rice, corn, bananas, pineapples, mangoes

  • Top industries: electronics assembly, clothing, footwear, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wood products, food processing,, fishing

  • Currency- Pesos (1 Mexican Peso equals 0.052 US Dollar)