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Map of Honduras.

Honduras Basketball (Blue Team)



Soccer in Honduras.  (Blue Team)

Current President - Juan Orlando Hernández

Style of Gov. - Constitutional republic

General elections will be held in Honduras on November 26, 2017.  Voters will go to the polls to elect a President of Honduras to serve a four-year term.

The overall population of the country - 9,312,601

It’s absolute location - 15.2000° N, 86.2419° W  

The size in area - 43,433 square miles

The Capital City - Tegucigalpa

Honduras Flag.

Basic Info Page

There are some valleys in Honduras, but the largest valley is Sula Valley.  It is located in the northwest portion of the country, and within it lie several of Honduras's most important cities, such as San Pedro Sula and El Progreso.

Cerro Las Minas , Lempira Mountain

The Haunting Hills.


The Haunting Hills are a group of hills in Honduras.  They are called The Haunting Hills because of the mist there.  Another name for The Haunting Hills is, "Cloud Forest".

Cerro Las Minas , Lempira Mountain is the highest mountain in Honduras.  It's elevation is 9,416.  The second highest mountain is Cerro El Pital.  Cerro El Pital's elevation is 8,957.

Sula Valley

One climate region is,  6°C (61°F) to 20°C (68°F) in mountains.  Another is, along the caribbean coast and island range is from 24°C (75°F) to 34°C (93°F).  It is warm in the mountains because of the dry climate. It is warmer along the caribbean coast and island range because constant winds typical of the tropics, makes the Pacific side warmer and drier.  

Climate Page

Honduras Mountains

Pacific side

  • Talgua Caves are man made features in Honduras.  It is an important burial cave of culture which developed on the border of early Maya realm. Bones have been deposited in the Talgua Caves too.

La Cueva de las Pinturas is a cave that contains built structures which seem to limit access to some parts of the cave.

Cueva del Gigante

Human Features Page

  • Cueva del Gigante is a cave that has served as a habitat for humans living here 11,500 years ago. 

La Cueva de las Pinturas

Talgua Caves

Natural Resources Page

Timber is wood prepared for use in building and carpentry.

Copper is a mineral and an element essential to our everyday lives.  



Resistance Lead is naturally resistant to corrosion and this makes it a common metal in industrial practice.


Plastic is formed from wood pulp or plant fiber.

When you shop at the grocery store, you are relying on plastics.

Coffee beans

Industry Page

Coffee comes from a genus of plants known as Coffea.

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 Agriculture Page 

Coffee has historically been one of Honduras' leading exports.



 Honduras produced 861,000 tons of bananas in 1999.

Coffee growing

Coconuts are used to make coconut oil because that type of oil is popular for cooking in Honduras.

Olla Soup, is a typical Honduran soup made with beef broth, squash, yucca and common Central American vegetables.  It is also one of the most common foods in Honduras.

Olla Soup

Honduras music takes most of its elements from African and European nations and combines them into a style of their own. They do this by using Spanish rhythms. They use instruments like the Marimba and Conch shell.

Honduras National Anthem

Culture Page

The National Art Gallery in Honduras is currently ran by Mr. Don Jose Jorge Salgado.

Famous piece of art

:Fun Facts:

1. Honduras is 80% mountainous.

2. Honduras' literal meaning is Great Depths.

3. Christopher Columbus discovered Honduras.

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