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Global Warming

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Polar Animals and Global Warming

By: Ethan Campbell,Gavin Snodgrass and heaven mace 


Global warming is affecting polar animals by melting the ice caps because of us humans polluting the air by

using vehicles and power plants even our trash pollutes the air. Everyday the ice caps are melting and if they completly melt it will cause the animals who live there to go extinct and some of our land in America will flood and will cause more death in America.

Global Warming

How Global Warming Is Affecting The Polar Bear

The polar bear is going extinct because the caps are melting and their hunting grounds are gone so they have resorted to eating thier own young.

How We Can Help 

The way we can help save the artic and north pole is by using solar equipment and not use gas powered vehicles and power plants. This will help stop pollution of the air. 

these are some polar bears at the zoo