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By: Hannah Jordan

18th Century Artist Booklet

Honors Art History

Jean-Baptiste Greuze 

This artist booklet is to inform about Greuze. He has a very unique and realistic style. I love all of his pieces and i wish people knew more about him. 

The Boy in the Red Waistcoat


Oil On Canvas

Project Info.

Jean-Baptiste Greuze was born on August 21, 1725, in Tournus, France. His father didn't particularly approve of his desire for art. One day, Jean gave his father a pen and ink drawing of Saint James which his father thought was an engraving. He was then sent to Lyon to study with Charles Grandon. Not long after, he moved to Paris. Greuze was not satisfied with his placement in the drawing studio, so he demanded a better position. later he became the new associate member.

Early Life

The Guitarist 


Oil On Canvas

Broken eggs


Oil On Canvas


Since Greuze started his art career at a very young age he was influenced by many people. A lot of times people would try to influence him in more classical ways, others would try new, modern techniques. One big influence was when he painted "Broken Eggs". An artist by the name of Frans van Mieris the Elder gave him the idea for this painting. Greuze saw Frans' painting, "The Broken Egg" and got a great idea from it. Both Artists painted these and used techniques from the Rococo era. 

Greuze's style was mostly Rococo which is more commonly known as "late Baroque". One of the most influential people that helped develop Greuze's style was Denis Diderot. He was French art critic, philosopher, and a very important enlightenment influence at the time. 

The Girl With the Dead Canary


Oil On Canvas


elaborate ornamental style of decoration important in 18th-century Europe, without symmetrical patterns involving themes and scrollwork.

"the painter of virtue, 

the rescuer of corrupted morality."

- Denis Diderot

The Village Bride


Oil On Canvas


This piece is one of my favorites because it shows motion and multiple people. A lot of his pieces would be focused on one person, but in this piece, you can get a story from each person. I love the color choices in this piece because it uses a darker color like red or blue to highlight, but there isn't much more color other than that. The background is light showing that there are windows on the other side of the room illuminating the people it's focused on.

This is another favorite of mine because again it shows all of the emotion of the people. The colors used are muted and dark to show the dark weary time. Even though there is a lot going on in this piece, your main focus is on the father with the curse.

The Father's Curse: The Punished Son


Oil On Canvas


I love this piece because it looks so pure. There seems to be a theme with the colors. A lot of his pieces use very light and very dark muted colors.The lighting is adding this amazing glow on her face which makes her look even more youthful. The main focus is on her elaborate white hat. Although there is a lot of light colors there are still contrasts in the background.


The White Hat


Oil On Canvas

I like this piece because it shows a family. A lot of his themes include some time of pandemonium. This one is especially busy because the father is drunk and the mother is trying to control him. The subjects of his paintings are always very realistic and show raw emotions.

The Widow and Her Priest


Oil On Canvas

The Drunken Cobbler 


Oil On Canvas


I like this piece because it differs from most of his other pieces. Most show a lot of stressful situations, but this one shows a very mournful and sad picture. I love how he finds a way to show emotion whether it is sad, happy, or stressful.