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A Travel Brochure To Earth

By David Wesseln

These are some natural features that you gotta see.


Great Barrier Reef

Oppurtuinities: You can scuba dive and snorkel around this reef and see all the amazing fish that make there home in this humongus ecosystem


Challenges: You'll have to watch out for dangerous fish like sharks, and poisonus fish like the lion fish, and there's even a poisonus jellyfish thats as big as a finger nail!




Oppurtuinities: Antartica is the biggest cold desert on Earth, it has a very special ecosystem which is'nt found in many places on Earth


Challenges: Antartica is very cold and has many predators that could attack you if you get to close, like polar bears, orca's, and leapord seal.


Congo Rainforest


Oppurtuinites: The Congo Rainforest has many beautiful plant life and cool animals like okapi, monkeys, and bonobos.


Challenges: The Congo Rainforest also has some poisonus animals and plants, and also predators like lions

Hello, when you visit Earth your gonna want to see some of the amazing natural features of Earth, and human features of Earth, and this brochure is gonna list some places on Earth that you gotta see

  If your planning to visit Earth your gonna need to know how the people of Earth regionlize Earth. The people of Earth regionlize Earths large land masses into continients, and they also divide large groups of people into countries, and they use latitude and longitude to divide Earth into hemispheres.




 Some human features you might want to visit are cities like Las Vegas, New York, or London. And you might want to visit some theme parks like Walt Disney World, or Six Flags Magic Mountain. But you might have to go incognito when you visit these places.



but theres a lot of people in all these places so keep your wallet saftly in your pocket, keep your UFO locked, and keep your ray gun in your UFO




    Packing List



 mind wiper

 warm cloths

 scuba suit


 human cloths to

 blend in