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The wesrward Expansion



By zion

Table of contents

Farming in the Great Plains was very hard.The reason it was so hard was becouse the soil was to hard. Later on the steel plow was invented it was used to break up hard impact soil. It also made easier to seperate the soil so farmers could plant seeds quicker.

Farming in the Great Plains

The machanical reaper made easier to farm in the Great Plains.The machanical reaper would cut down crops.It was eather pulled by horse or cows.

The mchanical reaper

The Trancontenental Railroad

The Transcontenental Railroad was a great way to travel to the west.Before people hade to travel to the west by wagon that were pulled by horses or cows. The Transcontenental Railroad made it easier trasport goods,and send letters.

Bison were very popular back them.When the Bison trapled the Transcontenental Railroad the train killed the Bison whitck shortend the fod source for the  Native Americans .I stretched from the east coust to the west coust.