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Todays Teachers and Students 

By: Eduardo Perez

I want to be a Physcial Education teacher and teach high school kids at Maryvale high school.   

Learn more about Maryvale high school.

A little help for those early mornings.

Typical schedule for a teacher

Get to school at 6:00am. teach from 6:30am until lunch which is from 11:05-11:45. teache until school ends at 2:35pm and then coaches from 3:00pm to 5:30pm.

Average number of students in a class?


What is the demographic

 (race/ethnicity, gender, socio-

 economic) make-up of the students?

Out of 2,832 students

91% Hispanic, 4% White, 4% Black, 1% American Indian/Alaska Native.

What are the average education levels of the parents?

The average education of parents in the Phoenix Union High School District is 53.6% have at least a high school degree and only 6.9% have a bachelors or higher.

What content does the teacher teach throughout the day?

His first three classes are regular P.E. the next two classes after lunch are Health and then the Last class is weight training. After school he then coaches the cross country team.

How has the culture of the school changed over the years?


In 1988 Maryvale high school was mostly white with white students making up 56% of the population. As the years went by Hispanic students started becoming the dominant race/ethnicity and in 2014 90.7% of all students at Maryvale high school were Hispanic.

What emotional developments are the students at this age level experiencing? 

They get embarrassed easily.


Try to figure out what all their feelings mean.

What intellectual developments are the students at this age level experiencing? 

Show an increasing ability to reason, make educated guesses and sort fact from fiction.


Think more abstractly.


Begin to set goals for their future.


Understand the consequences that come with certain actions.


Know the difference between right and wrong.

What physiological developments are the students at this age level experiencing? 

Have a big appetite are always hungry.


Need more sleep.


Clumsy because they are growing quickly.


Spend a lot of time with friends


Friends can become as important to them as family


Start to relate to parents a lot better 

What social developments are the students at this age level experiencing? 

The biggest challenge seniors face is deciding what they’re going to do with their life? Are they going to go to College or not?

What are the biggest challenges students face at this age?

Books: The Maze Runner series, miss peregrine's home for peculiar children.


Movies: Marvel/DC superhero movies


Music: Hip Hop and Rap artist like Drake, Beyoncé, Kanye, etc..


What are their favorites (movies, TV, books, music)?

Do you think Physical Education is important in high school?

After asking 10 students at Maryvale high school all 10 of them stated that P.E was important to have in school but after asking them how many actually took P.E serious in school and would take it if it wasn’t mandatory only 1 of the 10 said yes.