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By: Bryan Redmon

The dilophosaurus is one of the dinosaurs that had lived in the jungle biome. The dilophosaurus was able to go both on land and water because it had webs on its feet so it could swim. The height of the dilophosaurus is the size of a human when it is standing up straight. The dilophosaurus is a meat eating dinosaur and would be in packs of its own species. May 26,2017

The dilophosaurus would only mate with the same specie as itself. Once it gets to a place it like it would produce more offspring and get adapted and tend to stay in the environment that they like. The dilophosaurus would tend to stay where they had reproduced at because of there youngs that they need to care for. may 26,2017

Genetics have affect my dinosaur because it had given it sharper and more teeth. It had affected it in a good way because it would be able to defend and hunt easier. It would be able to hunt easier because of the sharper teeth and more  of them. It would be able to defend easier because of the teeth and that could help them when something is attacking them and they could fight back. May 26,2017

The teeth wasn't the only thing that it was affected by genetics. It had also gotten a bigger body so it would be able to take on bigger dinosaurs then what it usually was and that it would be able to run from them faster. It was helpful because it would be able to take on bigger dinosaurs then it was and not run away from them. It was also helpful because it would be able to swim faster so it could get more fish and would be able to take more damage before dying. May 26,2017

Teeth and the body wasn't the only things that genetically happened to it because there claws had also gotten bigger So it would be able to claw at things better and scavenge better. It would be able to scavenge better because of the claws were bigger so they could get more things that the needed. It would also help to kill other animals and injured them because then they could go and attacked them so they wouldn't get injured as bad. May 26,2017

The dilophosaurus had lead to a new species because it had kept on changing over time like how the body kept on growing a little every a hundred years. There body had kept on getting better because of the genetic mutation that it had. May 26,2017

It had lead to a new species because of the genetic changes that it was going through. If it keeps on changing then the species are eventually gonna become a new specie because of the changes it goes through. May 26,2017

After all of the genetic changes It would eventually become a new specie. Once it becomes a new specie then the other specie that was in it place before it is gone now because the genetics had kept on changing within that specie.And thats how new species had came. (may 26,2017)