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The Scientific Resolution

Galileo Galilei



Galileo was mostly known for the discoreries of the four massive moons of Jupiter. Galileo invented a telescope to see the four moons of Jupiter which are called Ganymede, Eurpoa, Callisto, and Io. In 1990 NASA honors Galileo as a famed astronomer.

Galileo's Most famous quote is: 

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.


What that means to me is you can't teach a man anything until you help he or she find him or herself.

Francis Bacon


Francis Bacon was know for his discoveries in Art and being heavy scientist in experiments. Some of his most famous experiments were to improve his errors made by astotle.

Some of Francis Bacon's most famous quotes were:

If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties. What that quote means to me is if a man began with certainties he would end his life with doubts.

Isaac Newton


Issac Newton was a english mathmaticion, astronomer, and physist. Issac had helped the scientific revolution by making the law of motion and finding the universal gravitation. His first ever finding was when he had practiced reflecting light from a telescope and seeing colors which now is the theory of color based observation.

Issac Newton's most famous quote is: I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.

What that quote means to me is Issac a genius for his time could do all of thos amazing things but not change how people saw him and what he found.

William Harvey


William Harvey said quotes like the others that made contributions to the scientific revolution; his were:
There is a lust in man no charm can tame: Of loudly publishing his neighbor's shame: On eagles wings immortal scandals fly, while virtuous actions are born and die.
To me that means that a lust in a person is nothing compared to the scandal of actions that could lead to birth or death.

William Harvey was a english physician who made many contributions to medicine and physiology. William was the first to describe the consplex detail of system circulation. Harvey's idea was the properties of blood were being pumped to the brain and the heart.

John Napier



John Naiper was a physist, astronomer, and mathmatician and he was best known for the discoveries of logarithms and the creation of Naiper's Bones or in other words the use of the decimal points. His main work in mathmatics were him making a 151 page tablet with 54 of the pages explaining matter and 97 explaining the natural logarithm.

John Naiper did not make many quotes as the others in this presentation but his most known quote is: If a language is given to men to conceal their thoughts, then gesture's purpose was to disclose them.

Like the other quotes what it means to me is if a language is given to humans but is used to only think it was just given to shut them up.