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John Lasseter

By Ben W.

I chose John Lasseter because i love the Disney animation movies. John Lasseter has done a variety of Disney movies and is a very popular animator nowadays. John Lasseter has won academy awards for animation for his short film, Tin Toy and is now trying to create lots of characters to share with the world.



John Lasseter was born January 12, 1957, in Hollywood California, He was inspired by his Mother who was an art teacher and he won a drawing contest at age 5. He attended the university of California Institute of the Arts. After college he Worked on The Fox and the Hound (1981) and Mickey's Christmas Carol(1983). John Lasseter went on to work for Lucasfilm but then later found himself at pixar where he won an academy award for his short film, Tin Toy. Lasseter started directing lots of other movies such as Toy Story (1995) which earned him another academy award, A Bug's Life(1998), Toy Story 2(1999), Cars(2006) which he co directed, he also produced some movies such as Monsters inc(2001), and Finding Nemo (2003). He later returned to disney when they bought pixar and was named chief creative officer of both disney's and pixar's animation operations and Up eventually came out in (2009). John is married and has 5 sons who he loves very much. John Lasseter has done a lot for Pixar and Disney and will continue to do more.