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Women's volleyball is a very popular sport in peru.

This is peru on a map.

Booklet by nina lloyd

     All about Peru

Peru's national animal is the vicuna

Peru's national flower is the cantuta

The overall population is about 32 million

this is the flag of peru.

The absolute location is at 9.1900 degrees South, 75.0152 degrees West

Basic info

Peru is a Constitutional Republic. Their elections work by first picking a head of state and a legislator. The president is also selected for a five year term. The laws are made by The president.  

The capital city is Lima.

The size in area is 496,200 mi2.

Mount huascaran

Peru has a lot of landforms. A few of them include: Mountains, Snowcapped peaks, and Rivers. Did you Know that: The amazon river is the second longest river in the world running through Brazil,Columbia, and Peru? A famous Peru snow capped peak lies on Mount Huascaran in the andes mountains? The andes mountains are the worlds longest range of mountains measuring 4,300 miles long?  

Peru's landforms

Part of the andes mountains

Nile river 

On the coastal part of peru, it is dry, very hot, and receives very little rain.  Types of land in the coastal regions include:beaches and plains.  The andes mountains, on the other hand, are colder and receive summers with lots of rain and dry winters. The andes mountains are part of the highlands. Other types of land in the highlands include:hills.  

Peru's climate

peru's climate

Most of the buildings in the square were built all the way back to the mid 18th century. The highlight around the Plaza are the cathedral on the south and Government Palace on the north side. Did you know that in 1746, a massive earthquake struck the city knocking over most of its buildings?

Lima's Plaza de Armas

Santo Domingo Church

Machu Picchu is a fortified building made of polished, dry stone. Many people believed in was a home for many royals such as inca emperors and nobles. Other people believe it was a religious place. Did you know that Machu Picchu is made up of over 150 buildings being baths or houses from temples to sanctuaries.    

The Santo Domingo church is found in the city of Oaxaca, Peru. The Church is home to The Santo Domingo Culture Center and Oaxaca's Ethnobotanical Garden. Did you know that the church took a century to build?

Machu Picchu

Human features

Peru has many natural resources. A few of them include: Copper, fish, and Iron. Copper applies to the region because they make money of of it and can ship it to other countries such as america. Did you know that peru makes 5,029$ in copper production? fish apply to the region because people need to have food to eat and they can sell the fish to earn money. Did you know that one of the best known species of fish in the amazon is the Arapaima? Iron applies to Peru because it is used to make things such as hair straighteners.    

Natural Resources 

the arapaima

Clothing, Apparel, and copper are some peru's most famous industrial exports. Copper is one of their main exports because they make a lot of money of of it. Clothing is a big export for most countries because they grow the cotton a other materials used to make these products. Apparel is a main export because they make money of it by sending it to other countries

jaket made from alpaca wool

Industrial Products

a copper coin with a lama on it

People picking coffee beans in peru

 some of the main things that are grown in peru include:coffee beans/coffee, fruit and vegetables. Peru is in the top 10 countries for selling and making Coffee. Some of the fruit and veggies they grow are:artichokes, Paprika peppers, onions, table grapes, and mangos.  


people buying avocados at a market stand in peru

Peru's culture includes:spanish, europeans, and asians. Some holidays they celebrate in peru include:Independence day on July 29, Santa rosa de lima on august 30, and all saints day on November 1. Some languages spoken in peru include:Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara.    

Lamas dressed up for the latin american value day.