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A Publication of Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library
Volume 1, Number 4
December 2016
Remembering Pearl
Top 20 Kids’ Christmas
The Gift of Digital
Upcoming Events
Necessary Connections:
How the Library
Provides Digital Equity
Sounds of Christmas
A Closer Look at
Looking Ahead
The Top 20 Christmas
books for Kids
(According to one list, at least) editors have compiled
their list of the top 20 Children’s
Christmas books. How does this list
stack up to your favorites?
1. How the Grinch Stole
Christmas (Seuss)
2. The Nutcracker (Jeffers)
3. The Christmas Miracle of
Jonathan Toomey
4. Dream Snow (Carle)
5. Carl’s Christmas (Day)
6. The Year of the Perfect
Christmas Tree (Houston)
7. The Snowman (Briggs)
8. Room for a Little One
Snowmen at Christmas
10. Angelina’s Christmas
Remembering Pearl Harbor
December begins with the solemn
observance of the Japanese attack on
Pearl Harbor. For those wanting
historical perspectives plural,
because viewpoints vary widely, - the
library has many resources
presenting these views.
Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR
and Pearl Harbor suggests that the
attack was one of eight steps taken
by the American government to
assure the American public would
support the countrys entry into
World War II. However, academic
historians often debunk this notion.
You be the judge.
December 1941: 31 Days That
Changed America and Saved the
World takes a different view. Shirley
details on events leading up to the
war but focuses on the American
reaction to the war including retooling
the entire economy to support the
war effort.
Other books about Pearl Harbor can
be found by searching the term Pearl
Harbor in our library catalog.
May Our Days Be Merry and Bright
December Events at Our Library
Now through December 16
Raffle tickets available for Boy and Girl Holiday
Gift Baskets
Buy your favorite little one chances to win
holiday-themed baskets filled with toys for girls
and boys. Each chance is $1.00 or six chances for
$5.00. The drawing will be held on December
December 5: Wilsonburg
students will perform holiday favorites from 5:00
to 7:00 PM. Special appearance by Thistlehair the
Christmas Bear.
December 5, 12 and 19: Magic
the Gathering
December 5, 12 and 19: Kids’
Arts and Crafts Club Will meet each
Monday in December (except December 26) from
5 to 6 PM.
December 6,7,13,14,20 and 21:
Homework help 5 to 6 PM .
Have you met
Freegal is a subscription service
that provides music and videos to
our library patrons at no cost.
Patrons may download as many as
three items per week. In addition
to that, patrons may stream three
hours of music or videos weekly.
To access Freegal, visit our library
homepage at . Click
login and enter your library card
number to proceed. Music and
videos are searchable by artist,
title, genre or theme. Users can
create their own playlists which
are stored online until the patron
wishes to discard his list.
A quick look through the
Christmas genre shows albums by
Pentatonix, Chris Young, Mariah
Carey and standards such as Elvis
Presley’s Blue Christmas.
One of the nicer features of
Freegal is that it catalogs a wide
variety of older music. Someone
looking for a song by a niche
artist should give Freegal a try!
Christmas playlist
for free, of course!
And take Freegal with
you with the mobile
app from Google Play.
A Closer Look at
Looking for a good Christmas murder mystery? These are just some of the offerings from WVDeli. Click a picture to take you to the site.
You’re home. Temperatures are dipping into the single digits with a ferocious wind chill. The kids are
bundled up watching TV, when suddenly, the electric goes off , and your house plunges into darkness.
After the novelty wears off, your kids whine those horrible two words: “I’m bored!”
Fortunately, you planned ahead. You visited our library website, and clicked on
our statewide digital collection of books, audiobooks and movies. Without leaving your home, you
have supplied your kids with reading materials to get them through the power outage and beyond, all
stored on their personal digital devices.
The West Virginia Digital Entertainment Library Initiative, or WVDeli provides a variety of age-
appropriate favorites that can never be lost or overdue!
Well, aren’t you sweet?
Not only did you give someone a smartphone, tablet or eReader for
Christmas, you can also give them hundreds of thousands of eBooks,
audiobooks, and videos from your public library. Arent you smart?
When you bring your loved one’s digital device to the
library to get it set for our digital services, you are truly
giving a gift that doesn’t stop giving. With new titles being
added every day, you or your friend will never run out of
reading materials. Let’s look at some of the items you can
WVDELi: As mentioned on the previous page, WVDELI
provides eBooks, audiobooks and videos. Separate
collections highlighting more than 150 subject categories,
separate categories for audiobooks, eBooks and video, and
special collections for children and teens.
Zinio Magazine Collection: Imagine being able to have more than 112 magazines at your
disposal, including all the preceding issues. You will have the best-read reader in North Central
West Virginia.
And of course, Freegal provides streaming and downloadable entertainment on demand. It
includes classics as well as new releases. Music lovers will be pleased with the wide variety of
genres and selections available.
Minimizing Barriers
Clarksburg Library helps those without computer access join the digital conversation.
To many, access to computers may seem more like a luxury that a necessity. However, if you
are among the masses looking for active employment, access to computers are essential. Most
employers require prospective workers to complete applications online, and once completed,
to follow-up on their status on a regular basis. The library provides vital access to employment
resources for many.
Although it can’t be determined how patrons are using library computers during each visit, in
2015 our library had 19,275 public access computer users and almost 3700 wireless users.
Internet access is a need being met at our library.
If you find yourself in need of using our public computers, you must first have a library card. A
full library card requires a photo ID and other proof of residence, such as a bill. An internet only
card only requires the photo ID. You may obtain a PIN at the upstairs help desk. Once you have
a card and pin, you may use any of the upstairs public access computers. Time on these
computers in limited to two hours, but may be extended depending on circumstance.
Printing is available at the help desk as well. Each black and white page is 10 cents and each
color copy is 50 cents. Remote printing is also available: You could send a print job to the
library’s printers from any location, and then pick it up within 24 hours. Ask a librarian to help
you set this up.
Best Selling Books of 2016 (so far, according to Amazon)
1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling
2. StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath
3. First 100 Words by Roger Worby
4. Oh, The Places Youll Go by Dr. Seuss
5. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and
Organization by Marie Kondo.
Writers Club will have new focus
Beginning in January, the Writers Club will focus on the fundamentals of writing, either for personal use or
publications. Meeting dates will be at 2:00 on Tuesdays or 10:00 AM on Saturdays.
The Garden Club Returns
The garden club will return in 2017. Focuses will include organic vegetable gardening as well as
landscaping to enhance to appearance of your home. Join us at noon on Saturdays beginning
Looking Ahead
The Library will be hosting book clubs for 4
and 5
graders and
middle school students beginning January 10. Participants will select
their novels from among a list of award-winning titles that will
require the students to engage in thought.
Middle school students will meet from 4:00 to 5:00 PM each
Tuesday. Fourth and fifth graders will meet from 5:00 to 6:00 PM
each Tuesday.
Following the book clubs, homework and project help for
adolescents and teens will be available. One does not have to be a
member of the book club to participate In homework and project
To register, email