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The #1 cause of death is from drunk drivers.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving


V   2 minuets, someone is injured by a drunk driving crash


 51 minuets, someone is killed by a drunk driving crash.


1 in 4

drivers tested positive for at least one 

drug that could affect safety.

2 out of 3 

People will be affected 

by a drunk driving crash 

in their lifetime.

MADD focuses on four important steps to help prevent drunk driving

1. High Visibility law enforcement

2. Ignition interlocks

3. Advanced vehicle technology

4. Public support

The path to


In 1980, MADD was founded by a mother who's daughter killed by a drunk driver.

MADD's mission statement is to prevent drunk driving and to teach parents and children to make safe choices.

Thankfully MADD has saved over 350,000 lives and has reduced over 50% of the deaths caused by drunk driving.

MADD is striving to get to 0 deaths and 0 drunk drivers in america.

MADD has also been able to move the drinking age to 21 and made it illegal to drive with a BCA at 0.08% and over half of the country by all offender interlock laws.


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