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functions of Water

-regulate body temperature

-dissolves vitamins  , minerals ,amino acids and other nutrients

-lubricates joints  

functions of Carbohydrates

-main source in energy

two types carbs: 

-starches or complex carbohydrates

-simple carbohydrates 


simple carbohydrates 

complex carbohydrates 

functions of Protein

-provides energy

-helps build,maintain and repair body tissues 

functions of Fat

-provide substance for growth and healthy skin

-enhance texture and taste

-required to carry "fat solute"

-provide energy  


functions of Vitamins

-helps regulate many chemical processes 

-there are 13 different vitamins known to be required for everyday life 


functions of Minerals 

-the body depends on minerals

-minerals become part of the body

-the body requires 16 minerals daily