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International Women's Day                                          #IWD2016


International Women's Day


at British Council


"For many years a woman was not considered a human, but an object. So it is a challenge to change it".

British Council Brazil                                          #IWD2016


"We are fighting every day to eliminate the gender barrier as wisely as we can, but it is the society that brings us down

most of the time".

Alejandra Rangel

British Council Mexico


International Women's Day


at British Council

"Until men and women are truly enabled, by societal attitudes and flexible corporate policies, to be partners in child-rearing without it adversely affecting their career opportunities, this will continue to be a challenge for women".

Alison Corbett

British Council United States                                          #IWD2016


"More education tends to mean less difference in terms of equality in gender roles in society ... less education in a societytends to mean more disadvantages for

both sexes".

British Council Colombia

In 2015, Canada saw some interesting progress towards greater gender equality. Canadian Primer Minister appointed women to half the cabinet posts. However, many women still suffer the consequences of social constructs of oppression and marginalization due to their sex and gender.


Inspiring photo

Take a look at Some EDI historical moments.                                          #IWD2016


Music from the Americas

She was an Argentinian singer who was popular throughout Latin America and many countries outside the region. She was born on Argentina's Independence Day. She was best known as the "voice of the voiceless ones".

Sosa performed in venues such as the Lincoln Center in New York City, the Théâtre Mogador in Paris and the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, as well as sell-out shows in New York's Carnegie Hall and the Roman Colosseum during her final decade of life. She served as an ambassador for UNICEF.                                          #IWD2016

Mercedes Sosa - "Gracias a la vida"

Listen to song here: 

An investigation by the global enterprise human capital, ManpowerGroup, says that 97% of the so-called Generation Y trusts they will achieve gender equality in a span of 20 to 22 years.


Did you know?                                          #IWD2016


Getting to know the EDI team

Name: Magda Rybaczuk and Mariana Nova

Posts: EDI Regional Coodinators

Magda Rybaczuk:

I believe that EDI bring real value and create better environment for us to live in. As someone driven by compassion, I want to live and work in a place that's optimal not only for me, but also all those around me. In the ever expanding world brought closer by technology, EDI procedures are a tool that helps to collaborate, cooperate and bring results beneficial to all. I am proud to be a part of an organisation that puts EDI at its heart. I strive to do the same in both of my roles as an EDI coordinator and a teacher.                                          #IWD2016

Mariana Nova:

One of my main interests in working at British Council was its EDI policy. I truly believe in the inherent dignity of all human beings, and that diversity in all its forms can only enrich our lives and environments.Thank you to all our colleagues who volunteer for EDI teams internationally through their own passion and personal commitment to our goals. In our EDI projects globally there are so many inspiring stories worthy of being shared and recognised, each one of which motivates me deeply, and communicates once again the important work we do here together.


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