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Caribbean Cruise for everyone, hosted by Marines and enjoyed by family and friends, and friends of friends and their families. Week packed full of sharing sea stories, and making even more life long friends and memories.

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   Each year, veterans from all services, joined by family and friends join each other aboard a luxury cruiseship for a week of activities that includes relaxing on deck, fine dining, dancing and some even visit the casino.  


Most importantly, we make new friends, and create new memories as we explore the ports of call in the Carbbean!  


Hosted by Marines, we set aside one evening to conduct the traditional Marine Corps Birthday Cake Cutting Ceremony.   We honor all military services and their families.   More information on the following pages!


The Marines and Friends Cruise

Join our next adventure with family and friends

All Tales in this booklet are true!


The Marines and Friends Cruise

A short story:


Not too long ago, well, over five years ago, but it seems like yesterday, anyway, lets say once upon a time, three Marines went to sea with their wives, aboard a Norwegian Cruise Ship, a floating resort that departed Florida and visited four ports during a splendid week without the worries of daily life back home.   The men enjoyed the lazy days at sea, the ladies enjoyed sun-bathing and shopping.   We throughly enjoyed the dining, the shows, the night clubs and going ashore to explore all the Caribbean has to offer.    Along the way, we met other veterans who also enjoy these awesome cruise vacations.    


We decided that we should encourage our own family, friends, and the families of our friends, as well as the friends of our friends to all cruise together.


The Marines and Friends Cruise and CruiseUSMC (one in the same) was created as Tony Tijerina and Jeff Covert were sitting in the airport waiting to board our flight to our ship.   Maybe we should have told our wives, Nancy and Ginny, but they have been great.   What started out as an email to our family and friends has now evolved to an online presence with a web site and a facebook group.


This short booklet, is designed to answer as many questions about this years cruise.


Come on Down!

The Marines and Friends Cruise

   Marines and Friends, having fun

Marines and Friends Cruise

2017 Itinerary

12 November 2017, We sail from Puerto Rico, Founded in 1521, San Juan's picturesque cobblestone streets, plazas and chapels reflect its Spanish heritage. But the second oldest city in the Americas also boasts fine beaches, lush rainforests, verdant mountainsides, imposing forts and a lovely tropical climate. 

Cabin Categories and Approximate Prices

Marines and Friends Cruise

Marines and Friends Cruise