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 The FDIC Securing your deposits.

The purpose of the FDIC is to promote public confidence in the U.S. financial system. The FDIC is meant to secure and insure your deposits.


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


We are the FDIC. This is where safer money means better money.

The Purpose of the FDIC was meant as a Reform program to lessen economic devastation in case of bank failure.

                The FDIC                                       1933-present

             Thomas Rader





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The FDIC was a reform program set up during the great depression. It was meant to ensure some money in the bank in case of bank failure. If some people's deposits were federally insured that means they couldn't have completely lost all of their money. The FDIC also reduces the devastation to the economy and to the people when a bank fails because they have money insured.  The FDIC is meant to keep public confidence in the United States financial system. The FDIC handled over 370 banks from 1933-1941. Also, deposit insurance has limited the necessity for banks to merge. The FDIC has saved many banks and has also saved a lot of peoples deposits this system greatly helped the United States during the depression. The FDIC also saved some of the people's money with their insurance. They may not have been able to save it all but they still saved some. Every dollar counted during that time and the FDIC has saved many people and many banks. 


The FDIC today is very successful. The law for the maximum deposit insurance raised to a high of  $250,000. Today there are also very high insurance premiums. The FDIC today has also added over 4,500 jobs. Also from 2004-2007, there were 0 bank failures and that is the longest span in FDIC history. Overall the FDIC has helped hundreds of banks and deposits for years.  It has also been bringing strength and confidence to the economy by adding jobs and insuring deposits and the FDIC has only been improving.

The FDIC Today


Confidence building

^ increased

employment rate

Increased jobs added^

Government Spending

Increased ^

Role of Government

Increased ^

Per Capita income

Not affected

Specific groups affected

The rich, bankers or anyone involved with bank

 GDP  Not affected 


                        Franklin Delano Roosevelt

                             Mini Biography

  • Born on January 30, 1882, in New York
  • Was a C student and attended Harvard University
  • Fell In love with his fifth cousin Eleanor Roosevelt
  • In 1910 at age 28 he ran for New York state senate and won by a landslide
  • In 1914 he was denied U.S. senate seat because he lacked White House support
  • Had an affair with Eleanor's social secretary Lucy Mercer
  • Roosevelt was asked to be the running mate of James Cox, they were defeated
  • Roosevelt was stricken with polio in 1921
  • Roosevelt took office in March 1930 and within his first 100 days he proposed a New Deal for Americans
  • Added many new programs and jobs to America to escape depression